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Thread: Server Change

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    Server Change

    The forums are slow today due to a server change but things will be back to normal very soon.
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    Test reply - have all tables but one transferred.

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    Look's like it is finally up. That few hours to change servers turned into about half a day. Glad to see the forums finally up and running again.

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    thank you very much, sirsteve and captian ISE. i was wondering about this all night!
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    So was I. I'm glad they're back! Keep up the good work. Captain ISE, I've never seen you here before, I thought SirSteve was the only Admin... So, hello!
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    Well, it finally propagated for me so back to business!
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    question...does the server change have anything to do with the update??? just wondering...which i really like to do!
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    Well I'm glad to see everything got moved. Two days of not being able to get on means a lot of reading. Oh well, as long as it runs better
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    The server move is 100% complete and it went smooth with no problems.

    Captain ISE is to thank (for those that do not know, he is SSG's server admin and programmer).
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