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    Custom Probe Droid w/ Display

    A work in progress that is nearly finished. The Probe was reworked (added some parts) and repainted and detailed. The display stand is scratch built. I took pictures during the construction process and added comments if anyone is interested in the phases. What is left is the Hoth display scene which will encompass the droid and stand. That is still under construction.

    Or directly to the pages here:

    Making of the Probe Droid :

    Making of the display stand :

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    Re: Custom Probe Droid w/ Display

    Sweet! Very nice psyclonetrooper !
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    Re: Custom Probe Droid w/ Display

    I love that base! It inspires me to create something similar.

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    Re: Custom Probe Droid w/ Display

    Nice!! I like how the base was made using a damn CD-R holder. The simpliest things are what works.
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    Re: Custom Probe Droid w/ Display

    Very very nice work. The next ACPin here.
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