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    E.T. in star wars

    if you watch episode 1 on dvd and have a slow mo button when chancellour vallourum gets the no confidence vote aliens start screeming vote now vote now slow it down here you will see 3 ETs im pretty sure there ETs

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    Yep ET is in the senate,you must be new....
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    so that is ET cool!!

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    Sure is. If you go to and check out their Episode I easter eggs section, you will find the picture posted up.

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    Mmhmm. ET is there. That we know. BUT now we have to name them! Without an individual name for each the SW universe is out of balance.

    I suggest Sally, Bob, and Paul.
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    How about:

    Eeta, Gramoofah and Bitz?

    if ANYONE can guess where I got that from... I will be quite impressed.
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    How about an E.T. action figure. I know that they haves ome alreay for the new 20th Anniversary, but how about one done by Hasbro to scale with the SW figures. That would be cool.
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    Thumbs up

    ET was a nice touch. I would love to see an ET senator figure done in scale w/ Star Wars. It would make a great pack-in for Yarua, the Wookie Senator. I can wish.
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    Eeta, Gramoofah and Bitz?

    if ANYONE can guess where I got that from... I will be quite impressed.

    .....aren't they those terribly annoying Hanson brothers?........

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    All I want to know is,Did they have to phone home before they cast thier vote?
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