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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    You know, our site has a LOT of members who have bought garbage far more foolish than this in the past year, I'm looking at any goober who bought a Jedi Force figure or a Force Battler, and they're just the ones that come to the top of my head (I bought 2 Force Battlers, by the way ) so I am shocked that so many people here are adamantly saying that these are somehow dopier than anything else that wore the SW brand this year. Lava Vader looked like he was dipped in molten crayola, yet that thing was a pretty hot collectible.

    Anyway, I will definitely be collecting these, maybe not all, but at least some, they look amusing and different. The idea isn't that they ARE the characters, but that they are mechs driven by those characters and customized to look like their pilots, it's a little odd but it actually is pretty close to Transformers roots (take a look at some of the G1 Transformers, they have little pilot chairs for a reason). This may be the closest way to get an Action Fleet Jedi Starfighter, if nothing else.
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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    I'm suprised on how unpopular these things seem to be. Even in the Holiday Vader thread, people were saying "it stinks, so I'm only buying one." That doesn't make any sense to me, but it is their money. Maybe people aren't as willing to but these because they aren't part of the 3 3/4" line.
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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    In my opinion, these were made with kids in mind not collectors. The kids can have them.

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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    True, but even a kid, didn't you want toys that didn't suck?!?

    I wanted as a youngling the same things in a figure that I want now: poseability, quality, and no action features. If you're not with me, chew on this. Think back to when you were a kid and had one of those craptacular Secret Wars Spider-Man figures, and a Dr Doom to go with it. (You probably did.) Now imagine that everything was exactly the same, but somehow you had the Marvel Legends Spidey and Doom figures. Wouldn't you have thought was more superfly bad-out wiggity wiggity wack than those Secret Wars things?

    I sincerely doubt kids have changed that much.
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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    I said maybe won't buy. The only one I am going to buy is...drumroll..................................... ...THE DARTH VADER!

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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    Star Wars and Transformers is like putting a Halloween costume on your dog. It might look OK, but it's a retarded idea. I have no interest in these (not that they'll even see the pegs around here anyway).
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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    As Mr. Horse from Ren and Stimpy would say... "No, sir, I don't like it."

    I like Transformers. I own lots of Transformers. I've slowed down a bunch in my collecting (buy them for my son mostly now), but I still enjoy the toys and have for a long time.

    I like Star Wars toys. I own lots of Star Wars toys. I've slowed down a little in my collecting (mostly because I just moved and have no place to put anything), but I still enjoy the toys and have for a long time.

    I do not like these Transforming Star Wars toys. I was doubtful when I heard about the idea, and now having seen the photos I'm amazed by just how disinterested I am. In a nutshell, they look silly and boring. If, as others have said, they were Star Wars vehicles that transformed into really cool traditional Transformer robots, then I'd maybe give these a chance. As is, I don't think my 8 year old is likely to want these. Too hoaky.

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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    I am not too hung up on feeling that there is only one way to enjoy the toys I like. If these are cool bet I will buy them. But the have to have great detail, tight pivot points, the pieces have to fit well in both modes, and they have to have solid construction. ANY CHEESE on them will deter me from buying them.

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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    Nope, not interested.

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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    I'll be passing on ALL of them for sure. Maybe some kids will like them because Hasbro is going to make them anyways. But no way I'll get one.
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