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    Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    For the past decade, both Star Wars and Transformers have grown into strong brands for Hasbro, and fans of each have occasionally contemplated a potential cross-over line - if not particularly seriously. However, after years of fans bandying about ideas of Star Destroyers transforming into robots a la Mega-Maid from "Spaceballs", Hasbro has picked up this unusual idea and moved it into reality with the unveiling of the first 4 Star Wars Transformers at BotCon, the official Transformers convention which took place this last weekend in Texas. Hasbro announced that 11 Star Wars Transformers are planned for '06, including Vader's TIE Fighter, Luke's X-wing, Grievous' Wheel Bike, Obi-Wan's Ep 3 Jedi Starfighter which were all on display, as was the packaging for Vader's TIE.

    You can see images of the displayed sets in this gallery:

    Reaction so far has been mixed from fans of both lines. So the question of the day is, will Star Wars fans collect this unusual blending of the Star Wars and Transformers brands?

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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    I won't buy them. I don't really know what to think of them. But, they are definatly "different."
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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    I put probably. I'll wait until I see 'em in person to make the final decision. Form the few pics I've seen they look like decent transformers though. We'll see.
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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    I said absolutely no, as they look like something beyond crap, but the way these things go, I often change my mind when I find them.
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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    Nope. They suck.

    Well, unless they had a Padme that changed...ummm nevermind.
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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?


    ughh.... didn't they mean GoBots? These are sad....
    I hope that this isn't a sign of just how far the franchise is going to be milked! The new Sideshow 12"s and there are still so many figures to make, and if they can get the Unleashed back on track... this is just unnecessary.

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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    Maybe if they quit spending time and money developing this kind of crap, they could afford to get some vehicles and playset out for the 33/4" line. No thanks, I've got my hands full trying to locate and pay for all the freakin' exclusives!

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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    I put down "maybe" but I was borderline on "No". I have started not collecting certain lines, because I think the SW franchise is going into places that just don't interest me. I thought the Platskool stuff was cool, but this, eh.
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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    I said probably. I need to see them in stores first. However, that "probably will" will change to a "definate" if they all have mini-figures.
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    Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    I'm intrigued by them. They are certainly unique to the Star Wars line and while I may not collect every transformer, I will certainly have a few to own, open and display.

    I'm becoming very choosy lately about what I buy and I can honestly say that I am buying a more variety of lines and toys as opposed to buying just everything of a certain line. I like that freedom more and while I don't like Transformers normally, this is unique and will definitely add a few to my collection.
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