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    Bo Shek, Teebo, R4-M9

    Does anyone know when these figures are supposed to hit stores... from the looks of things (Ep 2 line) these might be the last good figures of the year.
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    My guess at the earliest would be late March, most likely mid April. I don't think they will be too easy to find either. Still waiting on Eeth Koth and Zutton...
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    I agree...

    That would be my guess for the release time as well. I think that they would want to space these AT LEAST a month before the AOTC things hit the shelves. The only other thing that I can think of is that these will be packed in with the new package...? I don't know how possible that is, but it was a thought. I would really love to get my hands on these. Especially the droid. He's awesome! I might see if I can put a pre-order on him somewhere... just to ensure that I will be able to get him!
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    Febuary, and the earlier the better. Hasblow is NOT going to release ANYTHING that could compete with the E2 toys. I expect them to push this out and be done with POTJ.
    The exclusive ships as well. If they are released too late in March, people will still be talking about them/looking for them when the E2 line hits....that won't be good for buisness. In the back of my head I still kind of expect those exclusive ships to be pushed back to Christmas release.

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    I agree, the sooner the better. And hopefully I'll see the Fx-7 wave here soon. I'm getting tired of waiting.
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    I was lucky enough to find the entire FX wave at one time, so I went ahead and got them all. However, I am having trouble finding Eeth Koth. I really want to get one, he looks awesome.
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    There was a report over at rebelscum going on about the chinese new year interferring with delivery dates and the fact that the ep2 figs are shipping now to be in store on time for the april binge sessions hasbro are anticipating *ahem* because the Chinese don't work at all over their new year period so no shipments from China at that time which coincides with ep2 frenzy time.

    So going by that, it means that the Teebo wave is already in or hitting stores and waiting to go on retail. This means a february release surely? Staggered with a March release on the ships and an April release on the ep2 figures to keep interest building up until May

    The packaging as I understand it will be POTJ, second generation like the FX-7 wave.

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    Rebelscum also had a report last week stating that a Toys R Us source leaked out that the toys would be arriving at the end of this month. I got very excited about it, but tried not to get my hopes up. Do you think we can expect to see them as soon as late Jan or Feb?
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    It's strange, but my comic store owner friend was muttering something before xmas about taking delivery around about this time of the ep2 toys. now I thought at the time it was a bit fishy. but my friend was insistant that there would be toys moving around at the end of January. Even being released at the end of january or early february.

    I still say that's silly. The toys might be shipping to stores but unless those stockboys start chucking them out of the back door there's no way the episode two toys will be released before April.

    The Teebo wave is another matter. I can see them shipping out mid February, sort of valentines day time. It makes sense to ship them out early if the classic vehicles are coming out in March. Who's going to have money for figures in march with those big wallet burning vehicles to source and snaffle? better to get the last few POTJ figs out early and then the ships and then the preview figs and then - then the real release of episode two figures and other stuff. A totally staggered but continuous feed of toys to build up the hype and excitement artificially by maintaining a high profile in toy stores.

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    It may be too good to be true, but I am hoping we will see the preview assortment soon. At first I was waiting on May 16th for the movie, but now I am waiting on April for the toys. I know they are posed funny and seem a little inferior, but just the experience of getting EP2 toys is great. I was at midnight madness for EP1 toys, and I absolutely loved it. When the store opens and you get those toys in your hands, it is a great feeling.
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