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    Toyland opens this Saturday

    Wal-Marts Christmas toy push starts this Saturday. I was speaking ot the gent at the local Wally World, and he said he was expecting alot of new merch that was i nthe back to be put out. Check them this Saturday.
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    Re: Toylnad opens this Saturday

    Toylnad? That sounds vulgar.

    That's my jacket!

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    Re: Toylnad opens this Saturday

    I saw an ad for this, which also advertised the ROTS figures being $4.77. I didn't realize it was a big deal, I just thought they were gonna put up new Toyland signs and crap like that.
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    Re: Toylnad opens this Saturday

    I'll be working at my Wal-Mart in my Stormtrooper armor, at least I have been to by the toy department manager.
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    Re: Toylnad opens this Saturday

    Thanks for that post KH, that reminds me that Fleet Farm should be opening their Toyland in the next few weeks and I'll have to check on that. Although, I haven't gone to the 7am opening for the past several years because I became too ashamed of the people who were also there at opening time. But I might grab one or two items a few hours after they open.

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    Re: Toyland opens this Saturday

    Is this going to be a big deal at all Wal*Marts, or is this just going to be at the bigger ones?

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    Re: Toyland opens this Saturday

    So they'll have even more of the same pegwarming figs. Why do they need an announcementon that?

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    Re: Toyland opens this Saturday

    toyland was a total bust at the WM i went to today and the best figures i found were green commander and black pilot. was it any better for any of you guys?

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    Re: Toyland opens this Saturday

    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran
    was it any better for any of you guys?
    Nope, not me. They didn't have much of anything. I am going to check again tomorrow. I'm hoping they forgot to put out the cases of figures or something.
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    Re: Toyland opens this Saturday

    Yeah, big fat goose egg at toyland today.
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