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    IG-88's right arm.

    Is there a variation in the IG-88 bust or does the photo on the box just show an earlier version ? I bought one tonight on clearance and I think it is fantastic, an awesome piece, but his right arm is down and perdendicular to his trunk while the box photo shows it cocked at an angle.

    This isn't a complaint because I really dig the way he looks now . . . just wondering if they released different versions or if that's a proto on the box.

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: IG-88's right arm.

    Its probably Gentle Giant's prototype. Maybe the angle it was photographed at. But theres no variation on the finished product at least.
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    Re: IG-88's right arm.

    Thanks Jay, that's what I figured. Do you have this bust as well ?

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    Re: IG-88's right arm.

    Of course. Mine is in storage now due to display limitations. But hes a great bust! Another winner from GG!
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    i never noticed the photo on the box. however the right arm on mine is at a 90 degree angle from the body.

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    Re: IG-88's right arm.

    I never noticed that but you're indeed right Caesar. My mini bust has his right arm positioned at a right angle with the blaster aiming straight ahead but the box shows it raised similar to his rifle. Good observation.
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