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    I say he should change the name to:

    Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 2: Electric Boogaloo

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    It's not going to be changed, that is why i voted for it doesn't matter.
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    Shockingly bad at the start...

    the pain is starting to lessen. Ahhhhhhh...
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    Originally posted by Eternal Padawan
    I think Curse of the Clones would bug you more, JT. Say it out loud a few times: "CURSE OF THE CLONES" Ugh. AOTC is no winner, but it beats Curse of the Clones.
    Oh, I agree that I wouldn't love it, but it wouldn't bug me in the same way AOTC would, it'd be almost exactly like the way TPM bugs me actually (too "Scooby Doo" ).

    Evenflow, I agree it's not going to change, but it's supposed to be about what you WANT, not what will happen. What we all WANT, that does matter I think, it doesn't mean that Lucas has to do everything we want, but our wants do matter none the less.
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    ep II name

    I think the name is fine the way it is. when I first heard it I
    thought that it sounded pretty weird but then again
    back when Empire Strikes Back came out people
    thought that name was kinda strange, so all you
    doubters give it time and it will grow on you.
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    Hmmm...ok, i'll write some thoughts:

    EPII: The Golden Age of the Republic

    And of course...The clone wars
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    I'll bet Lucas didn't choose 'The Clone Wars' is because it also has the word wars in it. Just think of his full title: Star Wars: Episode II - The Clone Wars. He might have thought that it sounded to repetitive.

    Back when we all thought the EP1 title was going to be 'Balance of the Force' someone came out with 'Rise of the Empire.' I really liked that name because it mirrored the EP5 'Empire Strikes Back' title. Who knows, maybe it didn't get named that way because the Empire really doesn't get started until EP3 or inbetween 2 and 3.
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    I'm not all that happy with the title but I'll trust GL for now ,all the other titles seem to fit after the movie came out.

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    Just check my signature. Doesn't it remind you of "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"? That was my first thought. Such a crappy title. To be honest, I voted no, I don't want it changed. I figure GL started making mistakes with the Ewoks. Then added to those mistakes with some stuff in Special Edition. (What' that crap laser blast before Han fries Greedo?!?) The ultimate mistake : Jar Jar Binks. If the title of EP2 is his only mistake, we're all laughing!!!!! You know I'll be camped out a week in advance just to find out.

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    Shoulda just called it Attack of the Killer Clones

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    I kind of like it. It rings true to the spirit of the old time B movie serial, which is really what this whole thing is all about.


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