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    Do you want the Episode II title changed?

    The title is Episode II: Attack Of The Clones
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    In my opinion 'The Clone Wars' is a lot better title but I'm mainly in it for the story.

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    frankly, i couldn't care less what he calls it......

    we're all gonna call it episode II no matter what. (heck i don't know anyone who calls episode I the phantom menace)

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    Alternate Title

    I like "The Clone Wars" or "Rise of the Empire" maybe that will be the title for the third prequel.

    I've heard that the working title was "Tyranny Reborn"

    Anyone else here this?

    I kind of like this title. I think this was published in the local newspaper here in Pittsburgh.

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    I still think 'The shadow falls' was a better title even if it was just fan rumour. It sounded more mysterious and romantic. Like a darker chapter in the saga but not too dark. It made me think of all those swashbuckling pirate movies from the 30's and 40's starring people like Errol Flynn. It made me look forward to the film. Now we know the title and it's so darn blunt, I have no exitement left. When I first read the title I just went "Oh - okay......" and that was that. I still feel the same. But I should have said "YES! That is so cool!" I think I've had the wow pulled from under me with this title.

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    I don't like it because of the jokey quality of "attack of the ____". I'd prefer "Dawn of the Clones" or "Onslaught of the Clones" or almost anything else. Even "Curse of the Clones" wouldn't bug me in that way, although it would be a bit silly, I'd have more respect for it as a title.

    I want Lucas to change it, but I know he won't.
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    It sounds kinda lame when I first read about it but have since learn to accept it as it is. I think it is all about making a fun movie and its now coupled with a "fun-ny" title. So, I vote for "It doesn't matter"

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    I like it at first I hated it but its pretty cool!

    Besides you don't go the movies to pay for its title!
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    I think Curse of the Clones would bug you more, JT. Say it out loud a few times: "CURSE OF THE CLONES" Ugh. AOTC is no winner, but it beats Curse of the Clones.
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    Dawn of the Clones is nice, but too passive.


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