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    Who is STILL eluding your grasp?

    I'm waiting for Eeth Koth and Zutton, but I have the previous 58 carded figures, B-Wing and TIE Intercepter. It's been awhile since I've seen a thread like this and I'm interested in how others are faring out there. What was your most recent POTJ find, if none elude you? My last find was the FX-7 wave on
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    FX-7 wave, Zutton wave, Amanaman

    My city has only 8 figures for sale - 3 Tusken Raiders, 3 Leia Bespin, and 2 Chewie Mechanic

    I've seen store reports around my area with all of them, but I'm too busy to travel.

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    I'm still missing the FX-7 Wave,Eeth Wave,Amanaman wave,Tie Interceptor and B-Wing.

    I'm starting to suspect the Stockpeople are behind this in my area.
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    The "tooth" is out there...

    I just picked up Amanaman and Leia at Yestertoys for $11 & $10 respectively. I really think I am going to pass of Eeth Koth, which is sad. I was really looking forward to getting him when they announced him. He is going to look like a total ******* next to my other Jedi figures, so I am not buying him. I will probably pick up Stanley "Zutton" Roper whenever I can find him, but I haven't yet... so I suppose that's the only one that I want that is eluding me.
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    Well, I just found the FX-7 wave along with Eeth Koth wave at Wal-Mart last night. And I just worked out trades for Tessek and R2-Q5. I found the Deluxe waves right after X-mas along with the 25th anniversary sets (Luke/Leia and Han/Chewie).

    I have all figs so far, either loose or MOMC. I am missing 3 MOMC (Queen/red dress, Plo Koon, and Saesee Tiin). When I found these the cards were wrecked, so I opened 'em.

    I never found the B-Wing or Y-Wing, so I traded TIE Intercepter's for them.
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    I'm pretty much caught up on the POTJ line. All I need is Darth Maul Sith Apprentice, Scout Trooper Clean Version, the FX-7 wave, Zutton, Eeth Koth, the 25th Aniversart 2-packs, and the new Deluxe figures. So pretty much the newest stuff.
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    I must count myself among the lucky ones. I have them all.....

    oops (like anakin) I forgot, I need Rebel Trooper and Imp Officer. Other than that, I'm all caught up.

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    I still need FX-7, Imperial Officer, Rebel Trooper, Eeth Koth, and Mr. "Zutton" Roper.
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    I am pretty caught up through the FX-7 Wave, bringing my total to 52 out of the 54 POTJ basic carded figures. Still need Zutton and Eeth Koth.

    Have all 4 Deluxe figures and the MOTDS 2-pack. Also have the 300th Boba Fett, TIE-Interceptor, B-Wing, Carbon Freeze Chamber and Roworr from the Theed game

    Still need the Vader/Obi-Wan Anniversary pack but have the other two.

    Then I have all of the 12" figures including the store exclusives (Tarpals, Luke/Speeder, Luke w/Yoda).


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    I still missing R2-Q5, DV Emperor's Wrath, Eeth Koth, Snaggletooth, FX-7, Imperial Officer, Rebel Trooper, Queen Adidala( Royal Decoy) ,Deluxe Asst 2, and Ben Vs. Vader.

    I'm almost ready to order the the missing items on-line.
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