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    Wally World Done for the Year?

    I was at my local Wal*Mart yesterday to hunt for figures and the only figure they had was the New Nemodian Commander so I picked it up. I had the Dept. manager scan the figure with the Telzon thing to see how many more were coming in and all it showed was one case on the way and the item was marked as Non-Replenishable!!!. Does this mean that Wal*Mart will not have ROTS figures for the Holidays????!!!!!
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    Re: Wally World Done for the Year?

    I hope not cause that would truly suck. I'm still hunting for the Tarkin Wave and the last 12. If the stores are only going to get one case of the figures that means either scalper prices or worse. I hate when companies do this. They have a toy that will fly off the shelves and they order 1 of it.
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    Re: Wally World Done for the Year?

    I was expecting lots of stuff at this Toylnad thing KH was talking about. But nothing. Just Neimoidian Warriors, a Pilot Obi-Wan, and some tumbleweeds.
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    Re: Wally World Done for the Year?

    Usually, towards the end of a line the figure availability peters out. I could never find the last few of the POTF2 CT line (Motti, Leia, Vader, Stormie) and only got what I did through ebay and a TRU clearance. The same happened with EP1 (Sio Bibble wave, Swimming Jar Jar, TC-14) and POTJ (Zutton, Eeth Koth, the conehead astromech droid). Look at the OTC series also. Where the hell were those 2005 figures like the sandtrooper? I won't be surprised if we'll have to scramble to find the 501st clones also.
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    Re: Wally World Done for the Year?

    I hear every bit of that Man Can. Although I have been lucky enough to find all of the end of the line figures at retail.

    As for WM being done for the year I really hope not. I've found at least 75% of my ROTS figs at WM. If they go down I may have to depend on TRU for my figs. *shudder*
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    Re: Wally World Done for the Year?

    Yeah, that's some pretty distressing news, because like most collectors out there, I've found a huge percentage of my ROTS figures at Wal-Mart.
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    Re: Wally World Done for the Year?

    i believe this to be true.......haven't seen anything new in weeks there....and even the clones are staring to pegwarm....i really don't expect to find any of the last 12 there.....

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    Re: Wally World Done for the Year?

    I was suprised today to see the former department manager of toys (was demoted) straightening out the Star Wars isle. She had seperated the pegs by Collection 1 and collection 2. We had a ton of collection 1 figures, had very few collection 2 figures, and she was ordering some collection 2, so I hope that this is not the fate of Wal-Marts SW figure inventory.
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    Re: Wally World Done for the Year?

    It is because WM can not order directly from Hasbro. They get shipped figures direct. Thats why it says non replenishable.
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    Re: Wally World Done for the Year?

    Walmart is also adjusting for the holiday season. I wouldn't worry to much I am confident they will be plenty for holiday's.

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