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Thread: Carkoon Wave...

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    Exclamation Carkoon Wave...

    Mixed bag. Well-- the pictures tell the story. The packaging is great. The figures... maybe not so much. It's really hard to tell from the photos because they are so small, but Barada is definitely a POTF2 repaint. Boba Fett is the Carkoon one from a couple years ago but moulded in the tannish-grey plastic with some new paint deco. Chewbacca is the POTJ Mechanic Chewie but with a new accessory... namely a chain. Big whoop.

    The new Han looks fine but the the glow on the carbonite block looks a little too "deliberate" and not very "glow-like". Boushh Leia... hard to tell but ANYTHING would be an improvement over the version that was sold during the PTOF2 era. Bib Fortuna SHOULD be a good sculpt but he's got this really weird look on his face. Not exactly sure what happened there. Again, the picture is small and it's rather hard to tell.

    Finally, there appears to be a small "hologram" figure packed in with each figure. I think the hologram is of that specific charater. This really holds little interest for me unless it happens to be a Darth Vader with a Vader hologram. Then maybe we'll be talking!

    Anyhow... it looks promising. It's nothing new that completely wows me. See for yourself and you can be the judge.

    The pictures are from in Oz.


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    Re: Carkoon Wave...

    I already know I will pass on Chewie, Barada, and Fett. Why on Earth didn't they repaint Barada to look like the vintage Barada? Wouldn't have cost anything and would have upped sales.

    Han is so-so. I MAY buy for the red carbonite block.

    Fortuna isn't much better than the last one unfortunately, but I will probably buy.

    I thought Leia looked good in convention pictures, but now I am not so sure. Looks pretty similar. If the detonator is molded to her hand AGAIN I'll probably pass.

    I really can't believe that there is a Jabba's Palace wave without one single new character or creature. No Yarna, Hermi Odle, vintage Jabba's Place Klaatu, Sgt. Doallyn, Umpass-Stay, Ak-Rev, nothing. Disgusting.

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    Re: Carkoon Wave...

    Finally, more OT figures. Since I don't collect PT toys, I've been itching for new figures. Ok, fine, I bought Tarkin, C-3PO, Red Royal Guard, the Emperor, and the Preview R2 figures from the ROTS line, but that's all.

    Thanks for posting the pics, JP. Your assessment is pretty much right on.
    I didn't like much about the Saga Boba Fett not only because of the paint, but the pose and action feature. I like the paint job on this versioin better. I'll definatly buy Bib Fortuna, Leia, and Han. I might buy Boba Fett if they got rid of the action feature and changed his pose a little. If there isn't any thing new about Barada and Chewbacca, I'm not sure I'll buy them. I wonder if they used molds from the WOTC Miniatures for those hologram figures.

    The package looks like a OTC/ROTS hybrid.
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    Re: Carkoon Wave...

    i think i'll pick up Leia, Han and Fortuna. new colors/deco or not, i already have that carkoon fett from the saga card and the target cup set so i'm not going to waste more money on that mold.

    as for the holo mini figures, i just know that at my local stores, i'm going to find lots of packages where "collectors" have removed them. not to mention "collectors" who will switch out the leia and han with their POTF2 counterparts, reseal the packages and return them to the store. argh.

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    Re: Carkoon Wave...

    Yeah... chances are pretty good that people will help themselves to the hologram figures.

    Yeah... I kinda expected this to happen with the new line. I'm not disappointed by this, though. I really don't need to be buying so many figures going forward.
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    Re: Carkoon Wave...

    finally some decent figures for the better of the 2 trilogies the rots figures sucked so bad padme looked like a french lady of the night and the only decent one was obi-wan pilot.jhopefully hasbro's shame will be gone now and we can get back to he part of the story that counts the one and only otc
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    Re: Carkoon Wave...

    Nothing really jumps out at me and says I must have it. I do like the packaging though, it has a nice look. I can do without the hologram figure, I don't see the point. I will pass on most of these, how many Hans and Chewbaccas do we really need. Hopefully they will come out with some new Stormtroopers or Tie fighter pilots. Other than that I won't get many.

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    Re: Carkoon Wave...

    Sheesh, will this madness ever end? I am a fan of the old packaging, I mean "old" like when the bubbles were to one side, you could fit twice as many figiures into a storage crate, plus this is breaking my budget with all the releases.
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    Re: Carkoon Wave...

    I think I will get all but the Fett. I think the Bouschhhhhhhh looks good. Han is ok, Chewie is always good, and Barada, even though its a repiant ,need one carded.
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    Re: Carkoon Wave...

    They look good, I upsized the pics on my PC, Bib, Han, & Leia (B) appear to be re-tooled with better paint apps. The detonator on Leia (B) looks to be molded in there again, but that could be the look on the packaging, will have to wait & see them in person. These are the only three I'm thinking about getting, the rest some other collector / kid can have.


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