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    Clone Attack on Coruscant has clone attack on coruscant in stock 10/07/05 as of 10:30 AM.

    I may never have to drive to target only to be disappointed again!

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    Re: Clone Attack on Coruscant

    I spotted this last night too. A bit pricey, but i won't have to deal with the 8 am drive to Target and deal with their rude a-- employees.
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    Re: Clone Attack on Coruscant

    Hit the Target near me (on the drive home) and found 8 sets. I got two but the back room Manager said that these would be out the week of the 16th. What a jerk!
    I bought my two and noted the shelf tag for the Plo Koon repaint but I did not feel like waiting or getting hassled on having them do their job on restocking shelves.
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