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    Anyone need Clone Assault on Coruscant?

    In a few hours, I may be the proud ebay winner of a Target Clone Assault on Coruscant pack. Unfortunately, I already found this set. Does anyone need one?

    I am looking for

    Ask Aak
    Meena Tills

    Alternative Grey Stormtrooper Evolutions Set

    Unleashed Stormtrooper

    K-Mart Jedi Temple Assault
    K-Mart Throne Room

    Bounter Hunter Set

    The latest Disney stuff

    Separation of the Twins

    I also have a Lava Vader from C3, if anyone needs that.

    Let me know if anyone is interested. I will know by the end of the day if I have to unload it.


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    Re: Anyone need Clone Assault on Coruscant?

    i see you are looking for a kmart jedi temple. i found 1 after i traded for one here. i see you have an extra c3? let me know

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