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    Darth Drongo

    Cool Haves & Wants

    I am currently looking for some LOOSE-COMPLETE EU figures: Spacetrooper, Darktrooper, Imperial Sentinel,and Mara Jade. also loose vintage
    R2-D2 w/ green launching lightsabre. any other Droid offers considered.

    Heres my Haves:
    MOC POTJ Amanaman, MOC#300 figure Boba Fett (.0200)
    MOC POTJ Leia w/ Sailbarge cannon,
    LOOSE VINTAGE: mail away (Kenner)Anakin Skywalker,
    2loose Gammorean Guards w/ axes,
    Bossk w/ weapons, Klaatu w/ wooly skirt & weapon,
    Scout trooper, ugnaut, 2-1B(missing Tool), Ree Yees w/ gun.
    Carded (MOC) SOTE Leia as Bounty hunter,
    MOC Kenner ROTJ Zuckuss(now 4-Lom)
    MOCPOTF Darth Vader w/ long sabre,MOCPOTF Mon Mothma,
    MOCFF Rebel trooper,MIB12" Elecrtonic Darth Maul,
    MIB3 3/4 Darth Maul w/sith speeder(boxed)
    MIPHolographic Darth Maul, MOCDarth Maul w/removeable lightsabre blade.
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