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Thread: Rocky VI

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    Rocky VI

    I just read on Yahoo that Rocky VI has been greenlight. I've been hearing rumors about it for several years and it seems that it will see the light of day. The story goes on to say that the script is in the vein of first two Rocky movies... personally I don't really care, this franchise should stay dead and buried. Although if its good I'll probably be the first to say the movie rocks.

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    Re: Rocky VI

    I love Rocky . . . I wonder if they'll get Sage to play Junior again ?

    Mason "The Line" Dixon ? Too funny.

    And why is he lonely ? Is Adrian dead ? Might as well be, considering they killed off Mick and Apollo. Maybe he can fight Spider Rico again.

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    Re: Rocky VI

    From what I read of & about the script, Adrian is dead actually. I think that is going to turn a lot of people off. Though it will be interesting to finally see what Rocky can do without "needing" Adrian's support in a critical situation.

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    Re: Rocky VI

    I hear by the end of the movie he's selling lean mean fat grilling machines.
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    Re: Rocky VI

    There's no doubt George Foreman's comeback helped make this movie possible if not entirely plausible...LOL

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    Re: Rocky VI

    I didn't see anything about Rocky fighting a robot?

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    Re: Rocky VI

    So, um, how do they follow up the fifth movie?

    "Hey, looks like my Parkinson's has gone into remission! It's back in the ring, yo!"
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    Re: Rocky VI

    In the new installment, Rocky, lonely and retired in Philadelphia, comes out of retirement, intending to fight a few low-profile local fights. He’s approached to fight a match with reigning heavyweight champ Mason “The Line” Dixon, and soon his comeback ignites a media firestorm.
    Don't know, no word on the Parkinson's.

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    Re: Rocky VI

    I'm still waiting on Rocky 5....thousand!
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Re: Rocky VI

    Yeah, something tells me it will be conveniently glossed over. It's been years since I saw Rocky V, and I thought it was a fitting end to the series. This reeks of rehashing V and the original just to make a couple of bucks.

    I had more respect for Mr Stallone before reading about this. Maybe since he seems to be re-doing his career in reverse, he'll next appear uncredited as a thug in Woody Allen's next box office smash.

    But it looks like they'll eventually be able use Weird Al's "Theme from Rocky XX: Rye or the Kaiser" after all.
    That's my jacket!

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