View Poll Results: Would you purchase collectibles for the following properties?

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  • Star Trek

    47 21.08%
  • Battlestar Galactica

    72 32.29%
  • Stargate

    28 12.56%
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe

    200 89.69%
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    Re: Would you purchase collectibles for the following properties?

    I voted for EU Star Wars only. Simply because I cannot afford to collect additional lines. I have tried over the years. I did the Movie Maniacs, DC Direct, etc. In the end they all went the way of the ghost and only my SW collection remains.
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    Re: Would you purchase collectibles for the following properties?

    I've seen a few Star Treks, but I would never say that I like it.
    Never seen any Battlestar Galactica.
    The Fargate...errr...Stargate movie sucked, and have never seen the show.
    Star Wars EU is very highly doubtful, but more than likely - no.
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    Re: Would you purchase collectibles for the following properties?

    I voted for EU Star Wars. Though it's not my favorite line of SW items, I welcome them over the others on the poll, they are for Geeks.
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    not a big fan of star trek, bsg or stargate - so i wouldn't purchase any of those. would be in favor of most anything EU, as long as it still looks like star wars.

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    Re: Would you purchase collectibles for the following properties?

    If they ever made 3 3/4 inch BSG figures I would buy them all. Especially if they had Vipers the figures could sit in.

    I lost all interest in Star Trek after BSG started airing. I never collected any of those toys the first time they were out and can't imagine starting now.

    I couldn't care less about SW EU. I might buy a few figures if they made them (random jedi are always good for fleshing out a battle of geonosis scene) but for the most part I just don't care about non-movie toys.

    I wouldn't want anyone to waste the plastic needed to make Stargate toys.

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    Re: Would you purchase collectibles for the following properties?

    no to star trek

    Definitly yes to the NEW version of Battlestar Galactica

    no to Stargate

    A BIG DEFINITE YES TO STAR WARS EU - i can care less what others think about star wars EU - as long as it continues the Star Wars saga story line. READ book for once in a while y'all and leave me alone.

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    Re: Would you purchase collectibles for the following properties?

    Conducting marketing research now?

    I voted Star Wars Expanded Universe

    I'm pretty much done with Hasbro, but if LEGO made the TIE Defender, TIE Crawler, or Outrider I'd buy them.

    I bought some Playmates Star Trek figures but I'm not interested in Trek now. I've never watched the Stargate or BSG series so I'm not interested in collecting that product.
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    Re: Would you purchase collectibles for the following properties?

    I only voted for Star Wars Expanded Universe. I think Hasbro could pull out a lot of good figures from the EU. Maybe not enough to satisfy us all, but its something thats better than nothing. Plus the EU doesnt have to take over the whole line, maybe give it a wave or two per year and continue on with the regular movie/television characters and whatnot.
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    I chose all 4, but to varying degrees.

    Like PF, I've been a Star Trek fan since before there was a Star Wars... I was born a Trekkie really. I have a lot of collectibles from the franchise as it is, mostly all toys, the most being probably Star Trek Micro Machines but maybe actually more Playmates action figures, I have lots of those. In terms of spending on a single item, I generally don't go super high, $100 is my tops.

    BSG was never my thing back in the day, I liked the designs of the original series' pilot outfits and the cylons and the colonial vipers, but I wasn't way into the show. The new show is pretty good, but I don't think I'd buy much from it except for the vehicles, I'd buy a lot of vehicles. Figures though, I probably wouldn't buy (except as Action Fleet minifigs with the vehicles ) just because it's not that sort of show to me and they don't have cool accessories on the show. I wouldn't spend more than $30 for a BSG collectible.

    Stargate really impressed me when it first came out, I own the special edition on DVD. The shows, SG1 and Atlantis, have also been pretty good. Apparently there's a figure line coming next year of the shows, I don't know if I'll collect 'em all but I'll probably get the core characters and hopefully a gate accessory. There aren't many other types of collectibles I can even think of, but I can accept being surprised by something cool. I think my cap would be $40 though.

    I've never totally connected with the SW Expanded Universe, but I have picked up on some of it. I have all the SOTE figures, all the Hasbro EU figures, the EU-derived Galoob Action Fleet sets, and even the Rawcliffe Outrider, but I never bought the Galoob Micro Machines EU sets back in the day nor the Hasbro Outrider (though to be fair, that wasn't so much EU as just plain "ewwww" ). My interest in collectibles from the EU varies a lot depending on how Star Warsy the item is, how well it's designed (I'm looking at you, Hasbro Outrider), and whether or not it piques my interest in general. I think my spending cap is a paltry $30, compared to my SW spending cap of $125.
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    Re: Would you purchase collectibles for the following properties?

    Battlestar Galactica might be something that interests Mrs Chuxter, but I never got into it.

    Stargate was a cool movie, and I always thought the show was mediocre at best. I can't think of enough from the film to support a figure line that I'd want, and I'd pass on anything from the show.

    Star Trek I said no to as well, though I could see myself getting one or two pieces, depending on what they were.

    Star Wars EU, well, I'm not sure what that is.

    I noticed there's no Harry & the Hendersons figures listed. Which is weird, because lists a December 31, 1969 release date for the DVD.

    (Seriously, though, I'd buy a Movie Maniac style figure of Harry, no question.)
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