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    2006 Titanium pics!!!

    First Wave of the 2006 Titanium series ships CHeck it out!!!

    Also EE has for pre-order Ultra Titanium ARC-170 and Droid Tri-Fighter. The first waves of the 3 inch Titanium and SW Transformers
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    Re: 2006 Titanium pics!!!

    I want a fleet of those Star Destroyers.


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    Re: 2006 Titanium pics!!!

    The Arc-170 and the Tri-Fighter look sweeeeet! The only (maybe) disappointment is that it says they come with "premium display case"- does that mean no more AF display stands? If thats the case, we really could be seeing the last bastion of AF being washed away....kind of like the empire replacing the republic ay

    And i bet there are ZERO play features on any of these too...but oh well
    PM me if you have any Micro Machines / Action Fleet Prototypes/First Shots for sale :)

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    Re: 2006 Titanium pics!!!

    I really like the way these Titaniums are looking. I've gotten all of the ones released and these 4 look like they'll be in my possesion too.

    As for the display cases I like 'em. I'm not one of those hardcore old school AF guys *ignores boos and hisses* so I won't be upset that they're getting rid of the stands.
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    Re: 2006 Titanium pics!!!

    Clone Tank = Juggernaut. I was wrong but it will do it for me. Great.
    The 6" looks great. Nice display models. The boxes are top notch ! (don't know yet if they are the final product or not) Exactly what I always thought it should be. Solid, nicely made to display the toys. The toys could easily be unscrewed from the base and then put back into the box for storage. Very nice !

    The ANH white Tie fighter is a very coll thing too.
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    Re: 2006 Titanium pics!!!

    After seeing the wanton destruction that befell Warstar's Titanium Ultra packaging, I am not surprised they're switching to this sort of case for the packaging. The vehicles look nice, but I hope they do have moving parts such as the wings on the ARC-170.

    The 3" vehicles look good too, but I don't like that the gray TIE will be a "treasure hunt" shortpacked 1-per-case item
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    Re: 2006 Titanium pics!!!

    Say what?! They're going to be doing that chase vehicle rubbish as well? How freaking ridiculous.
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    Question Treasure Hunt TIE Fighter

    About the gray TIE Fighter variant, shortpacked 1-per-case, I cannot understand why Hasbro is doing this!

    I think the price will be the same as the other Titanium vehicles, so Hasbro is going to get the same amount of money (surely less than what they could have got if it was normally available, because a lot more people would have bought this nice variation, imho). While scalpers and eBay sellers will surely make us collectors pay a lot!

    Does Hasbro really hate us? Or is there a simple explanation for this? Does Hasbro think if a lot of people are looking for a rare item they will buy other unwanted items just for frustration?



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    Re: 2006 Titanium pics!!!

    Once word gets around that they're one per case it's all over. HW guys'll be all over this one.
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    Re: Treasure Hunt TIE Fighter

    Like Slicker said, it's a Hot Wheels kind of thing, it moves cases which is important to retailers. The flip side which Hasbro doesn't think about though is that it also causes pegwarming prematurely which stops up sales.

    But we already have a great die cast TIE in this line, so I'm not worried too much about this piece, it'd be nice to have but it's not a new mold or anything.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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