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    Republic Commando for 2006?

    I just saw the rumor that we are getting a Republic Commando for the Attack of the Clones wave next year. This, and frankly the entire list, seem too good to be true, but in case it is true:

    Hasbro, please make the Republic Commando easy to get. I do not want to see one of these on Ebay one time in my life going for the sum of $150.00. Please don't make a grown man cry. I already collect toys. Constant, uncontrollable crying would officially terminate the last part of me that is even a little cool.

    Some at Hasbro may figure these guys won't sell well, because they weren't in the movie, but even these people will admit that clone figures are selling well. If Republic Commandos are done properly, little kids are going to look at these big, bulky brawlers and decide bigger is better. Collectors are going to buy these in multiples as many times as they can afford.

    And finally, if the lists I've seen for waves next year are more than just rumor, they include droves of the most sought after figures we've been crying for, not just one or two of them, but a great, big, make-me-misty-eyed collection of figures we've wanted. In the event it's not just rumor I wanted to say, from the bottoms of my heart and wallet, Thank You!

    And to all you Republic Commando fans reading this: This is your chance to contribute to some market research, though in an admittedly small way. If you don't have anything else to say, just post, "Aye!" in agreement that we need a great deal of these figures shipped.
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    Re: Republic Commando for 2006?

    An emphatic AYE!!!

    Okay so I have more to add.

    Let's hope that these come as all four Commandos! Maybe even a plain white one.

    The book version of the Commando is cool, but undoubtedly the video game Commandos are the ones people most desire. We get to PLAY these characters. Well we play as "Boss", but we interact with the other three.

    If this list really is true, it would be a HUGE mistake on Hasbro's part, not to make all four of the game Commandos.

    I know I'd buy 2 sets (Carded and loose).

    As far as the plain one goes, that's a great idea IN CONJUNTION with the game Commandos. Heck, I'd buy 6-10 of those myself. Some to customize.

    I'm really psyched about this fig and hope that if true, Hasbro does it right.`

    Move along, move along

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    Re: Republic Commando for 2006?

    I say make all four plus a plain white one.
    Make them SA
    Put them in a battle pack (non exclusive) for like $25 bucks,
    And put me down for 3 !
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    Re: Republic Commando for 2006?

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Spoon
    I say make all four plus a plain white one.
    Make them SA
    Put them in a battle pack (non exclusive) for like $25 bucks,
    And put me down for 3 !
    Make a bet if they do come out as a set, that they are Entertainment Earth exclusives and will cost $40 per set...
    Move along, move along

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    Re: Republic Commando for 2006?

    I don't know jacksquat about the game, but I loved the Republic Commando: Hard Contact novel and am looking forward to its sequel next year.

    So please, if there's more than one variation, please please please make one Darman from the novels.
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    Re: Republic Commando for 2006?


    I will buy 16 Commandos!

    Just ship full cases of Commandos with holes punched in the cards so they're scalper-proof (Ship Non-Punched cards to Comic Book Stores).

    Also, Any color is fine with me. I'm buying 4 to keep normal (From Hard Contact), 4 to turn into the Republic Commando game characters, and 8 to turn them into the Squad from Clone Wars Adventures 3.

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    Re: Republic Commando for 2006?

    Okay, I've seen it on your website with my own eyes. We are getting a Republic Commando. And if that is correct, then it seems likely the lists I've seen are correct.

    So you guys are definitely giving us the figures we've been drooling for. I will definitely be buying them as they are available, so just make sure they are available.

    Though to be honest, I have had little problem this year getting everything I wanted.

    Many Thanks
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    Okay, a little follow up reply is in order.

    Okay, so he's not going for $150.00 (I was exaggerating anyway), but he is proving to be an eBay exclusive. Now I'm willing to lay some blame on retail employees taking the goods to the Internet since I'm there before they've even started up the muzak, but at some point here my employee friends at local retail are going to tell me whether they have seen a Scorch with their own eyes, since they are there even before the first scalper crowbars open the door.

    I've noticed you've taken Scorch off, and I'm really hoping that means you've maybe noticed you made a couple hundred thousand too few. I don't personally care if they do become an EE exclusive for fifty bucks for four of them. That sounds fine. At the moment, I've spent zero dollars for zero Scorches, and I'm not too pleased with that either.

    Now if you care to go the traditional brick and mortar retail route, I hope you have already started replacing every other figure but Sora Bulq, the Utapau clone and maybe (maybe) Jango Fett with Scorch and preferably increased the number of Utapau clones.

    I'd love if you'd release Scorch in whole cases, but I understand you've been burned on that before. I remember whole cases of Darth Maul coming out after Episode I and they sat on shelves. I happen to think that is because people like me sold out our grandmothers, hip-checked small children and wielded mace John Woo-style into throngs of fanboys to get him before you saw fit to make him readily available (Please note I am kidding about the above three actions; in fact most of the children were too small to get the hip.). And I'm still scratching my head why Vader had to come out in whole cases last year, though they actually did sell fairly well as I recall, though I would (not surprisingly) bolster my above statement by saying you acted in a timely manner to iron out the availability problem.

    Hasbro, thanks for last year. When I wanted figures, I purchased figures. I still believe that if you make them we will come; the movies are relatively irrelevant. You really seem to have an eye out for the collectors this year, and I'll go as far as to say I personally have been able to purchase those figures I've needed of the first two waves this year, though I have heard of many going without. I have seen the Geonosis wave in two separate stores, though the figures I knew long ago would be hard to find were not to be found. Even if our ideas for how to fix the lack of availability are bad, please consider our requests to fix said availability.

    Thank you.
    Member 104 of the SWC forums . . . but it's good to be back.

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    Yeah, uh, Hasbro, any chances of any of us actually finding Scorch at retail this year?
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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