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    Force Fx Opinions

    The way I see it because of my age (34) and my wife (dont want to **** her off hehhehe), I will only be able to purchase 1 more Force FX Lightsaber. What I am looking for are opinions on the ones out there now. I already have the Darth Vader ESB and was wondering which one you guys like most out of the few others that are available. Anakin ep3, Mace Windu( new model coming soon) , Luke ROTJ. I like the look of Luke but from what I have read A few guys werent very happy with it. Does anyone of any others to be released in the near future. How was the last model of Maces? I guess what I am looking for most is the sound effects and brilliance of hte saber. Thanks in advance.........

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    Re: Force Fx Opinions

    Only 1 more? (why only 1?) Its always good to keep your hobby if your spouses favor (whatever it takes!) If that were the case I would suggest the Anakin Episode III FX. I finally picked one up last week and its magnificent!
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    Re: Force Fx Opinions

    IMO, the Luke ESB was the best counterpoint to the Vader saber, so the Anakin ROTS saber being similar and having the updated electronics seems like the best way to go (especially if you're not too picky about the hilt differences between the Luke ESB and the Anakin ROTS), plus it's the easiest to find right now so that all makes a good recipe.

    The Mace saber isn't entirely "honest" in its color, but it is tempting based on its original hilt design, I guess it partly depends on what you're looking for with it. The Luke ROTJ one has a great green blade, but the hilt is not as good because it's taken directly from the older Force FX version, and the sounds come from the ESB saber which is a different sound.
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    Re: Force Fx Opinions

    Definitely the Anakin...the Luke is horrible and the hilt is not accurate and the Mace purple is stupid! Plus they both take like 6 batteries a piece and the Anakin is far superior and only takes 3.

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    Re: Force Fx Opinions

    I'd say the Anakin ROTS FX would be by far the best choice quality wise. However if youre talking nostalgia, then that is totally up to your preference.

    Although you may want to keep in mind that sometime next year the Maul FX's are supposed to come out, and maybe then you could convince your wife into letting you buy two maul FX's so that you can have the "1" complete saber

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    Talking Re: Force Fx Opinions

    Thanks guys. I was leaning towards the Anakin. I think that is the direction I will go in. Yeah next year is a new year with new toys.....hehehe.

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    Re: Force Fx Opinions

    The Anakin definitly. Very solid feeling, and bright blade. Plus, it's the same saber that Luke inherits in A New hope.

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    Re: Force Fx Opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by shadu widal
    The Anakin definitly. Very solid feeling, and bright blade. Plus, it's the same saber that Luke inherits in A New hope.
    Its actually very different than the one Luke inherits in A New Hope.

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    Re: Force Fx Opinions

    The topic aside, its the same lightsaber but Ben modified it a little over the years.
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    Re: Force Fx Opinions

    It's good to hear so many of you recommending the Anakin ROTS saber since I bought it last night! (first master replicas anything for me) Now I just have to wait until xmas to play with it! AGGGHHH!

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