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    action h.q has seperation of the twins in stock

    just recieved an e-mail from them they have the walmart seperation of the twins 2 pack in stock and rebelscum has detailed pic
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    Re: action h.q has seperation of the twins in stock

    ya they have them and they are $40 bucks!!!. These guys are just as bad as those j*r*off's on E-Bay. By the way how the hell did anyone besides wal*mart get a wal*mart exclusive early??!!!!
    Does anyone know when these will be showing up at the stores??
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    Re: action h.q has seperation of the twins in stock

    When you buy from Hasbro directly from Japan you can buy any stores exclusive. The just have to have an account with them and that's a pretty penny.
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    Re: action h.q has seperation of the twins in stock

    Also, the high-speed shipping cost from Japan to the US is often a big factor, you would occasionally see guys coming into Frank & Son collector show here in LA with a duffle bag with some new figures squirrelled away under some towels and such, they're all tired out from just getting off the plane from the trip and look beat but they would spend a few minutes talking about the trip and the items with the guys they were working with. I gotta admit, that was some dedication.
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