View Poll Results: Which is your main Boba Fett figure?

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  • Kenner vintage Boba Fett

    29 8.50%
  • POTF2 Boba Fett

    18 5.28%
  • Deluxe POTF2 Boba Fett

    3 0.88%
  • SAGA young Boba Fett (AOTC)

    5 1.47%
  • SAGA pit of Carkoon Boba Fett (ROTJ)

    40 11.73%
  • 300th Boba Fett

    137 40.18%
  • VOTC Boba Fett

    109 31.96%
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    Which is your main Boba Fett figure?

    Since his humble beginnings over 25 years ago, there have been plenty of action figure versions of Boba Fett. He may be just 1 character, but he is everywhere; in terms of screentime, he may have the most figures in relation to his amount we've actually seen him.

    This poll asks collectors which 3¾" Boba Fett figure they consider the main version of the character in their collection, no matter loose or carded. The choices span all the 3¾" Boba Fett molds (that I could think of off the top of my head), though not every variation of those molds was listed (i.e., not listed were SOTE Fett or Silver Fett or pack-in Fetts, though POTF2 Fett and POTF2 Deluxe Fett do actually have different parts so they are listed separately).

    So vote now and tell your fellow collectors which Boba Fett figure is king!

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    Re: Which is your primary Boba Fett figure?

    I voted for the 300th Fett. Why? Excellent accessories, nice pose in the box, the 300th figure factor, great sculpt, and accurate paint.


    PS I don't like the use of the word "primary" here. I almost thought you were asking which of these figures did I first own. Which is/was your (primary) first Boba Fett figure? Well my first Boba Fett was the POTF2 version.
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    Re: Which is your primary Boba Fett figure?

    When I thought of this thread 2 weeks ago I went back and forth between "main" and "primary". I see what you mean though so I just switched the wording to "main" right now. Thanks for the feedback.

    I also voted for the 300th, it replaced the POTF2 one I had up for half a decade as my PRIMARY and MAIN Boba Fett. 300th has good accessories, a nice jetpack, a nice cloth cape, and good articulation. I never considered switching to Carkoon Fett simply because he's got too much of an action pose, and the gimmick backpack doesn't look as good. I did however consider switching out 300th with VOTC but ultimately didn't because the VOTC one has his legs so close together that I couldn't pull together a realistic stance for him.
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    Re: Which is your main Boba Fett figure?

    Me voted for vintage. While I love the 300th and the VOTC, nothing stacks up to the hours of fun I had with my vintage Boba "Pal" Fett! Plus I just like his sleek design and he's got great nostalgia kudos coming his way. None of my new toys ('95 and on) give me heart felt memories when I look at them the way my vintage Boba Fett (and all the other vintage figs I played with) does and to me, that's priceless!

    p.s. Nice poll question Tricks...something that hasn't been done likes!
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    Re: Which is your main Boba Fett figure?

    I voted VOTC Fett, though I don't really consider any of them my main (or favorite) Boba Fett figure. I know it's wishy-washy, but I bought each of them for different reasons and they each get a spot on the shelf. Vintage Fett is an icon, VOTC Fett is most fun to play with, Carkoon Fett looks cool posed next to my skiff, 300th Fett never came out of his box (and that's where I like it), POTF2 Fett is still the one I keep with the other bounty hunters. They're all good toys for various reasons... except DX rocket glider Fett. (What the heck?)

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    Re: Which is your main Boba Fett figure?

    I voted for the vintage Fett. Now there's a toy that was made when toys were really toys!

    I have two vintage Fetts, one in each paint scheme, standing side-by-side. It's too cool!
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    Re: Which is your main Boba Fett figure?

    I voted 300th as well. As TDV stated he looks good both in and out of the packaging which is always a plus.
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    Re: Which is your main Boba Fett figure?

    I can't really bring myself to vote for any of them since of all those that I own from the list, none of them are on display. They're all shoved neatly into storage and packed away probably forever. The worst on the list, by far, is that POS deluxe POTF2 . . . man I hated that line, well the Fett/Luke/Han releases anyway.

    Put me down in the write-in category for Epic Force Boba Fett. The only BF piece I have on display.

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    Re: Which is your main Boba Fett figure?

    I really love my Boba Fett maquette, that's probably the highlight of my boba fett crap, but as for my "bounty hunters lineup" with all of them together in the line as they appear in ESB I have the IG-88 2-pack one there (I think it was missed on the poll) simply because I don't have a VOTC opened, I have one, just not opened. Plus he has the ESB gloves and just stands there straight, no dumb pose, no bent knees, no nothing, just stands there, straight arms straight legs, perfect for the lineup. I have all of them minus the VOTC opened and on display, I do love the 300th figure one, beautiful figure it is. I like the one with the flames coming out of his butt, I don't like his gimp arm and the jet pack and his colors are too bright too I think. I even like my customized POTF2 Boba with the Dash head and removable helmet from way before we all found out that boba fett was australian. Not too fond of the deluxe Boba Fett even though I accidently picked it in the poll because I'm tripping on about 40 gallons of coffee and didn't pay attention to what I was doing. Hell, they're all my main boba fetts, they're all so cute and cuddley.
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    Re: Which is your main Boba Fett figure?

    for me 300th, hands down. ESB outfit, detailing, packaging, accessories,pose...simply awesome.

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