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    Fantasy Basketball

    Football season has started and baseball playoffs are about to begin, but basketball will be starting pretty soon. I've played fantasy baseball and fantasy football before, but I don't think I've ever done fantasy basketball. I created a league on Yahoo's fantasy sports, and thought I would check with my fellow SSGers to see if anyone is up for it. Post here if you are interested, and I can PM a link for the league. This is just for fun, and no cash involved (my state doesn't allow that anyway).

    At this point, I plan on having the following settings:

    12 team head-to-head league (you play one opponent each week, and get a win/loss/tie for each stat category)

    Stat categories:

    3 Point shots made
    Points scored
    Total rebounds
    Blocked Shots
    Personal Fouls

    I usually don't do too well in fantasy leagues, and haven't followed basketball too closely since the Sonics left Seattle, so there is a good chance you could defeat me.

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    Do you lose points for fouls, or is that like penalty minutes in hockey where you earn them? I tried a season of rotisserie baseball (as it was called back-in-tha-day) and didn't like it (far too long) and a few of hockey (I like to watch the sport, but not enough to "fantasize" it). Football is just the right length and I "get" it better than the other sports.
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    I'm guessing that in this case, whichever team has the fewest fouls wins the category. There are other categories, but these are the 10 that I chose that seemed the best.

    Tbe baseball league I am in usually does head to head, but this year we did Rotisserie style. I first learned about that when I got the official Rotisserie League book back in 1984. I never had the opportunity to play until years later when I found sites online where you could play. I've played several years of baseball and football in leagues with a co-worker who is the commissioner.

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    I've made it a public league on the Yahoo Fantasy Basketball site, and the live draft will be tomorrow at 8:00 PM Pacific Time. I've called it "Rogue Basketball League". It should be showing up there shortly.


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