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    Nice Pee Wee JabbaJohnL.

    I went as a tusken trooper mix, for two reasons, one, my co workers have seen me in either my Tusken, or my trooper armor, second I needed something comforatable to wear so I opted not to wear my entire trooper armor as I couldn't work in that stuff.
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    I went the simple and subtle route and was Norton of The Honeymooners this year. I tried to remain in character at school, but didn't have many opportunities to be nervously skittish and kinda whiny. What're ya gonna do, eh Ralphy boy?
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    nice work JJL but you could have taken the opportunity to cut that moptop.

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    I wasn't feeling good on Sat. night so I didn't go to a party I planned on but I did see some nice ones last Friday/Tuesday night. Captain Morgan, the racing sausages from Miller Park and THE BEST one of all was a guy dressed up as that puppet thingy from Saw. He even had a red tricycle that he rode around!

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    Does anyone else have the problem where you think of the BEST costume ever on November 1st?

    Today I thought of how cool it would be and planned the logistics of my wife and I being Beaker (me) and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (her). Man, even typing that makes me wish it was 48 hours ago and I had access to two lab coats.
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Pictures of me in my costume at my work station in Wal-Mart.
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    Since all the other Halloween threads are being "dug up" (best pun ever - admit it), I figured I'd get this one as well. I said I'd get a full picture of me as Pee-wee, but I can't seem to find one, so tough luck.

    Anyway, what are everyone's ideas for this year? If I can get some other people to go along, I want to be Fry from Futurama. I'd just use gel to make my hair like his, buy a red jacket/shirt thing (what is it, anyway?) and I already have the rest. I'm trying to make one of my blonde friends be Zapp Brannigan and I'm planning on asking (telling? forcing?) a female friend of mine to be Leela. We'll see on the others later.
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    I shall be dressing as a mass outpouring of public grief for a person never known. covering myself in bunches of flowers and sympathy cards and votive candles and playing Elton John's candle in the wind on a tinny CD walkman with extra speakers to completely distort the sound.

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    hi everyone, first post here, I am probably going to be working but my kids are going as master chief spartan halo guys, I always make their costumes, last year my 7 yr old was boba fett and my 11 yr old was a random jedi. I love it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chris deal painter View Post
    my 11 yr old was a random jedi.

    I have that figure on a MOM card.

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