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    I'm going to be a middle aged fat guy giving out poor quality candy and cheap toys to kids for Halloween.
    Move along, move along

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    My Fry jacket came a few days ago but was too small, so I ordered another one. The style was perfect, though.

    The friend I wanted to be Zapp is now gonna do some stupid Pac-Man thing, but another is going to be Farnsworth and another is either going to be Bender or Scruffy (the latter is more feasible but less awesome). We'll see.
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    I was able to use my Atticus Finch costume at the Kickoff Event to our city's Big Read program (the novel chosen was To Kill a Mockingbird), where they asked me to just walk around as him for a while. Here's me with some of my "friends" from the story:
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    Cool! Very, very close to the original.

    Great book. Great movie.

    .....Where's JabbaJohn? I thought he tried out as the ham?
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    Gonna go simple this year. Black shoes, black pants, and a Star Trek "The Next Generation" maroon and black long sleeve t-shirt, comunicator pin.

    I could be Captain Picard but fortunately I've got alot more hair.

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    I'm dressing as mabs. I know my costume is going to be cool. When I was in line buying the stuff, the cashier said, "Oooh, you're going to be mabudonicus for Halloween, aren't you? That's totally gnarly!"
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    My department at work is doing a pirate theme. I don't always go along with the theme, but didn't have anything better prepared, so I just bought a pirate costume and pirate wig.

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    you charlatan Chux!!!
    I bet you bought one o them knock-off "mabuDOONicus" costumes that are clogging dollar store shelves, denying me my royalties.

    Maybe I'll just get a bunch of mismatched drapes and a mixed drink of malibu rum, beer and tequila and go as the official Chuxter, likely resulting in a 4 hour stream of steadily detiorating posts on 2 separate forums

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    Nah, I bought all the pieces separately to make my own mabudonicus costume. It's a good thing the Vengeance Tiger figures were on sale for $0.33 each at Big Lots.
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    I am going to be wearing Slickers Mom.
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