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    Re: Would you purchase collectibles from video games?

    I Would Buy Them If They Fit With All The 3.75" Figures From Hasbro

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    Re: Would you purchase collectibles from video games?

    I voted yes as long as it is mainly action figures!

    I would love to see action figures from SW:KOTOR 1 & 2!

    Arden Lynn is overdue for release as an action figure!

    Hasbro could finish up releasing the remaining character line up from the Dark Forces series as action figures.

    I don't think to many people played SW:Rebellion but i would like to see all the major characters in that game made into figures.

    and as for the novels and comic books: a gold mine full of potential characters that could be produced as action figures.

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    Re: Would you purchase collectibles from video games?

    A resounding "HELL YEAH!"

    I'd buy figs from just about eveyrone of the games. Most notably:
    Battlefront and BF2 (Though most of those are already figs)
    Republic Commando-Yeah Hasbro is actually making one of the clones, now where are the others?
    Jedi Academy II (Jedi Outcast-or whatever it's called)
    Any of the Rogue Squadron games
    Battle of Naboo (Hello, Nym anyone?) or was that Jedi Starfighter? No matter, I want a NYM figure. (Especially because the actor who voiced him is dead now!)

    One key thing would be to go by what the sales for each have been. It's obvious the KOTOR, Battlefront and Republic Commando are tops on the list. Others can be given consideration. Maybe not every character made, but at least the most popular ones in the game.

    Hasbro's chance to REALLY cash in on these came and went with the release of teh games, but I still feel there is a smaller cash cow to be had on these, becuase of the remaining popularity of the games. In fact I think we'd see a rise in game-play as well as even some NEW sales of the games should the figures be made. SO it's a win-win for everyone. WE the fanbase get more figs, the video game manufacturers potentially have more sales and Hasbro of course makes more money off of new toys.

    How can this not happen? (Well, I've got guesses, but I'll keep those to myself.)

    Here's hoping!
    Move along, move along

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    Re: Would you purchase collectibles from video games?

    Quote Originally Posted by SirSteve
    Collectibles could be action figures, props, vehicles, die-cast, busts, etc.... it's all open.
    Remember, we're not just talking about 3 3/4" action figures here.

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    Absolutely! 'Nuff said!

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