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    At a Titanium crossroads...

    So, I finally procured an X-Wing Titanium from Wave 1 from England. I paid a bit for it, but now I have all of the commercially released Wal-Mart 3" Titanium ships- all 17 that is.

    I see the 5-packs with same ships inside...

    I know Hasbro is infamous for re-releases, and these ships are nigh the same as my old Galoob Die-Cast metal ones (and I had all of them loose)... do I keep my new Titanium ships in package to display or do I open them and display them on their stands along with all of the loose versions I have of each of the old ones already? THAT is the question, and the packaging for them is pretty cool, admittedly...

    Also, is Wave 4 (Royal Starship, Green Jedi Fighter, Wookie Flyer and Battle-Scarred Millennium Falcon) a Wal-Mart thing or will they be worldwide? If they're Wal-Mart, they may be the rarest of them all, since even on Ebay they average $10 a piece, and they're rarely auctioned. When's the scheduled release date for them?

    On another note, I pre-ordered a case of Wave 5- Jedi Cruiser, "Treasure Hunt" TIE Fighter *Shudder*, etc.- for Jan. 2006 on EE. I'm willing to sell the extras I'll have to anyone here for my final cost + shipping. I recall someone wanted a fleet of the Jedi Cruisers, and I will supposedly have 3 extra...:lipsrseal

    So, any advice on opening or closing? What do you guys do?

    Lemme know

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    Re: At a Titanium crossroads...

    Hey Warstar, been off the forum for almost two months, travelling back to England for a trip and changing our internet provider meant I've had hassles left right and center.

    Sorry you had to pay through the nose for your X-Wing, dare I ask how much you had to pay some scalper for the privledge? I picked up an X-Wing from the TRU I found them at back in August, as they were down to just one left. I haven't opened it yet just incase you or anyone else was after it, although there is another TRU that might have more. Anyway, you won't be needing it so I just got to check with JediGoofy as I remember he was the other person after it.

    I paid a very reasonable 7.99, which is about $9 I think. Not great but pretty good to be able to pick it up off the shelf. Am going back tomorrow to pick up Slave One, the Falcon and the TIE so I can have a complete Wave 1.

    I'm with you on the to open decision, I've always been an complete opener, as otherwise what is the point of owning them, but in the case of the Titaniums the packaging is so nice looking I almost wanted to keep them in!

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    Re: At a Titanium crossroads...

    You feel my pain with the packaging...this is good. I mean they even made every single Titanium package different for the vehicle it contains? How cool is that? Still haven't opened them- waiting for more opinions!

    Otherwise, I paid a guy $23 US with shipping for the X-Wing- not too bad, mind you...I suppose. There was a glut on the X-Wings from everyone in the UK, so that drove the price down for a bit- which is good.

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    Re: At a Titanium crossroads...

    Ah thats not too bad a price, me grabbing it for you here and posting it to you wouldn't have worked out much cheaper. Let me know if you need anymore Wave 1's though. That goes for anyone else by the way too!

    The packaging of these Titaniums hasn't been given the credit it deserves, I was shocked when I got some recently (a friend visited the US and picked a couple up for me), its not often that a box is so appealling that I consider NOT taking out the ship, that seems like madness to me. However, my big complaint is there is no way of getting them out without damaging the packaging itself. Although I'm sure that is no accident.

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    Re: At a Titanium crossroads...

    In the case of the Ultra's, that's DEFINITELY true. Not sure about the little guys though...

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    Re: At a Titanium crossroads...

    With the little ones you probably could, if you used a craft knife and were careful, but even then it wouldn't be perfect.

    The gift set box is impossible.

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    Re: At a Titanium crossroads...

    Wave 4 is WM exclusive and is supposedly hitting stores now. I still haven't found wave 3 which makes me a saaaad panda.

    As for opening the 3" line's packaging, unless you already have the vehicle from the Galoob days (in which case I'd say leave closed), you should open them and save the packaging - that's what I did. As for the 6" line, I haven't decided, I put them on layaway yesterday so I assume when I finally pay them off in a few weeks they'll be messed up packages no matter what, but they do look good in there and the x-wing photos you sent WS make me nervous.
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    Re: At a Titanium crossroads...

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    Wave 4 is WM exclusive and is supposedly hitting stores now. I still haven't found wave 3 which makes me a saaaad panda.
    Fret not, JT. Tonight at Wal-Mart I spotted a display being made for Star Wars outside of the toy section, I assume this is to entice people passing by but not through the toy aisle when the DVD comes out. I noticed they had a fresh stock of Wave 3 with this display including a lone TIE Bomber. So keep your eyes peeled, I'm sure more Wal-Marts will be doing this just like the Batman Begins figure displays.
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    Re: At a Titanium crossroads...

    I don't have any local WMs, they're all 15 miles or further and I don't drive, so I can't check often. My closest WM didn't have a display when I was there the other day, they're a pretty crappy WM though and rarely have those exclusives (since this line started, I've seen Titaniums there a total of 1 time).
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Re: At a Titanium crossroads...

    I drive right past our local WM three days a week taking my 4 year old son to school so I have been stopping there on a routine basis "hunting".
    Since it's first thing in the morning and the store is dead, I'm sure that by now I am on the list of people to keep the security cameras on since I always leave without buying anything.

    If they did a better job of stocking their Titanium section it would save me a lot of time. It seems like some of you guys have stores that receive their Wave's of Titaniums much sooner that my store does. I wonder if there are cases of the Wave 4 stuff sitting in the back somewhere.

    Also if someone is still in need of a Wave 3 5-pack, there is one left that I could get for them, it's been looking for a buyer for weeks.


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