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    Star Wars TV Show Confirmed!

    A co-worker directed me to this site about a minute ago. Not sure how reputable it is, since I'm seeing nothing else about it, but it looks like Sansweet spilled the news in Now Playing magazine.

    Nothing concrete, though with as many loose lips as seem to be around LFL lately, it looks like a TV show is a done deal.
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    Re: Star Wars TV Show Confirmed!(?)

    SirSteve posted a news item about this a few days ago. I just don't read anything in Sansweet's comments to get excited about. It just sounds as if LucasFilm is only trying to assure their license holders and future partners that they will continue to develop the property after this last feature film. These companies (Hasbro, etc) have invested heavily in fees and royalties well into the future to license this property and I'm sure they want LucasFilm to continue keeping it in the public eye.

    I can see them doing another cartoon series but a live-action series would be much more costly if they intend on doing the same level of special effects as we see in the feature films. Maybe a television mini-series would be more likely or a couple of one-hour specials.

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    Re: Star Wars TV Show Confirmed!(?)

    Nice, Ihope it is a go....
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    Re: Star Wars TV Show Confirmed!(?)

    I prefer cartoon to live action. I really want to see a Shadows of the Empire cartoon.
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    Re: Star Wars TV Show Confirmed!(?)

    Well, the rumor of a live action television series has been floating around for quite some time, and Sci-Fi magazine also mentioned it. I believe it will be a go. The only real questions are what and when.

    What will the series be based around? There has been a lot of speculation on this one. I wouldn't even attempt to guess.

    As for when, Sci-Fi says we will most likely have to wait unitl 2006 or later.

    With all the outstanding special effects we have seen in the current line of Sci-Fi shows I believe it is doable. A few made for TV movies or mini-series would allow for some diversity in the stories they want to tell, whereas a series would allow for more character development.

    As for cartoons, there are too many options to list. Shadows of the Empire is definatly at the top of the list. Something like Star Wars Tales would allow for a wide range of short stories from the SW universe.

    I personally would love to see the Timothy Zahn trilogy done as a mini-series cartoon.
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    Re: Star Wars TV Show Confirmed!(?)

    There was the rumor that Kevin Smith and Mark Hamill would would both involved in a live action series somehow.
    It's the kind of rumor that Kevin usually dismisses fairly quickly, but he's remained fairly tight-lipped about it, leading to more specualtion.
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    Re: Star Wars TV Show Confirmed!(?)

    I think that the live-action TV series sounds pretty cool. I think one really cool idea would be to do a TV mini-series encompassing the entire New Jedi Order book series. It should work out pretty well since Mark Hamill is older. And they would need to find a very attractive woman to play Mara Jade. I dont think that Carrie Fisher or Harrison Ford would be interested in playing Han or Leia though, and it just wouldnt be the same unless they did. The only other older actor they might need would be Billy Dee Williams and I havent heard much about him in a long time. The Yuuzan Vong would just be awesome. Alright, enough rambling. I just thought it was a cool idea. By the way, who is Kevin Smith?
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    Re: Star Wars TV Show Confirmed!(?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Annie
    Alright, enough rambling. I just thought it was a cool idea. By the way, who is Kevin Smith?
    Wh-wh-WHAT? Just kidding. Kevin Smith is the director of Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl, and the upcoming Passion of the Clerks (and Green Hornet?). He also plays Silent Bob in many of his films. He is a huge Star Wars fan and has inserted at least one reference in each of his films.

    I can't see any TV series actually adapting existing stories (especially without the actors for major characters like Han and Leia), but I'd have no problem with something working around the NJO time period. I think the Prequel era (especially post-ROTS) is more likely. My money's on Asajj Ventress being involved somehow.
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    Re: Star Wars TV Show Confirmed!(?)

    I wouldn't watch a live-action series if Kevin Smith was involved. I'm not a fan of his work.

    It wouldn't surprise me if they tried to reassmble the original cast for a short mini-series. Hamill, Fisher, and Billy Dee would probably do it. Although Billy Dee apparently doesn't like Lando-jokes from the way his "Undercover Brother" co-stars talk. Harrison Ford is at the point where his [action] star status is in decline, if not dead already, so he could be tempted to do it. And he did play Indiana Jones at age 50 on an episode of Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. The rest of the supporting cast practically make a living on their Star Wars claim-to-fame so you know they'd do it.

    So what would it be? Some last grand adventure to set the stage for a younger "The Next Generation" cast to step in and take the reins of the fledgling New Republic?

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    Re: Star Wars TV Show Confirmed!(?)

    Newsaskew (Kevin Smith news site) did have a small item on Kevin's involvement/non-involvement with a Star Wars tv series, during on of his recent Q & As:

    Although Kevin was extremely coy when asked, as always, he did say hed be interested if such a show began production and said the show (again, if it started production) would most likely take place between the two trilogies, involving both major and minor characters. To this, we say...COOOL!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ji'dai
    Although Billy Dee apparently doesn't like Lando-jokes from the way his "Undercover Brother" co-stars talk.
    He seemed pretty comfortable doing Star Wars jokes when he was on "That 70's Show."
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