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    The Battle of Yavin

    Graciously Taken From Rebel

    The Battle Of Yavin/ Death Star Wave:

    As the wave name would indicate, this set of figures will feature characters we’ve all been wanting forever. Thankfully, the line will have next to no rehashes. Here’s the scoop:

    Han Solo
    This version of the rogue will utilize interchangeable parts not unlike the Dagobah Luke Skywalker figure from the OTC line. He’ll be packed with a headset (so he can tell his farmboy friend to blow that thing so they can go home…), interchangeable hands so the figure can have gloves or bare hands, and a medal (!!!). No word if this figure’s shirt will be buttoned up or opened, but it is a new sculpt.

    Luke Skywalker
    He’s just blown up the Death Star and about to live all his dreams. The future is looking bright for Luke, so he throws on his stylish yellow jacket (no doubt to impress that hot brunette he just rescued), and goes to get himself a medal of honour. This version of Ceremony Luke will be a complete resculpt. Wondering why they made this instead of an X-Wing Luke? Well quit it! You’ll have that one soon enough (my lips are sealed).

    Rebel Sentry
    Remember that Rebel Soldier on sentry duty? You know, the dude in the crows nest scanning the Falcon as it approaches the Rebel Base? We’ll here he is, and if a totally new sculpt isn’t enough for this army builder, he comes complete with his with his little fort in the sky.

    X-Wing Pilot
    This figure will be built upon the wicked Dutch Vander body, but with a repainted helmet and a totally new head sculpt. Fear not, this one couldn’t suck as much as you fear it will. If there’s one thing I can tell you, Hasbro knows how to make great X-Wing pilots now, and they want to hook you up. No word on who this pilot will actually be.

    Death Star Trooper
    This figure is going to be slightly retooled, but who can say if that’s going to be just a new head sculpt , a repaint, or a total kit bash. Let’s hope for the latter since the POTF2 version of this figure was 100% crappy.

    So, great figure news, and the possibility of a new VOTC line and/or Luke Evolutions set for the X-Wing Pilot Luke.

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    Re: The Battle of Yavin

    Minutes before reading that I was thinking 'where's the Death star trooper?' We were getting the Death star gunner in the endor wave (armourless version?) so it seemed like it should have been a given that the trooper would reappear.

    Its good that celebration Luke is being redone - badly needed. Where's celebration Leia though? VOTC han with a medal from Dodonna does the job fine for that scene. Its Leia who needs a new treatment. If Luke gets downsized in line with most new Luke figs then the old Leia will possibly be taller than him.

    A new X-wing pilot is always welcome (I really wish they'd do some snowspeeder pilots though) - I assume it will be a new Biggs figure.

    Rebel sentry - are they seen anywhere else in the yavin base other than those birdnests? In any case its a new figure - cool.

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    Re: The Battle of Yavin

    perhaps the X-Wing Pilot is Red Leader? it's not Wedge, since we're getting him as an online exclusive. it's not Luke, it's not Gold Leader since that's the mold they're basing this figure on. anyhow, i hope they make him a bit shorter b/c Vander was a tad bit on the tall side especially when you place him next to other figures.

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    Re: The Battle of Yavin

    I believe the Rebel sentry was a Rebel fleet trooper, so yes they were around and have been in need of a more poseable resculpt.
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    Re: The Battle of Yavin

    If we get a new Ceremony Luke and tucked-in collar Han, I'll s*** my pants. In a very good way. Even though this is all resculpts, it'll still be great, as they're all very sorely needed.
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    Re: The Battle of Yavin

    Not bad. It's looking like they're admitting that the POTF2 figs sucked and now they're rescultping them. Thank God for that.

    All of these figs are in need of a re-release too so this is good news. The one thing I hope is that they don't rehash that damn Cantina Han that's been rehashed at least a dozen times.
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    Re: The Battle of Yavin

    I like the idea of a random X-Wing pilot. Was hoping for the Luke X-Wing redo since the other versions are just bad but will have to wait.

    My only question is that since we are getting these battle waves of figures and now that both Hoth and Yavin have been mentioned, which wave will we see Luke as an X-Wing pilot ?????? True he wears the pilot suit in ROTJ leaving Tatoonie, as well as in ESB on Dagobah, but both of those waves would sufffer a figure if they were containing a Luke X-Wing.

    Perhaps he will get the VOTC treatment ??????
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    Re: The Battle of Yavin

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL
    If we get a new Ceremony Luke and tucked-in collar Han, I'll s*** my pants. In a very good way.
    Is there ever a time when that can be done in a good way??
    Move along, move along

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    Re: The Battle of Yavin

    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal
    Is there ever a time when that can be done in a good way??
    Yes . . . out of joy of getting a tucked-in collar Han. Because it means if they do that then they can slap a Lando head on there and make it a new ESB ending Lando figure.
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    Re: The Battle of Yavin

    The Rebel trooper I'll probably pass on, unless he's SA. The POTJ was pretty good, and didn't really need to be done...A rebel tech would have been better...
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