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    What is this? Help

    I was searching through ebay today, and I came across an Obi-Wan Kenobi hologram figure. This is the link:

    What is this? It looks like something that came packaged with something, but I don't recognize it. Anyone?


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    Re: What is this? Help

    thjis came with the bail organa from the black saga cards it is from attack of the clones when obiwan is sending a message from geonosis

    heres a link
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    Re: What is this? Help

    That would be what it is. I managed to find one that was stuck under a Wal-Mart islander, and the card was destroyed by water, so I have it opened. I wouldn't drop to much coin on that if you are planning on bidding on it. You'd be better off getting it with the Bail Organa figure IMO.
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    Re: What is this? Help

    Nah. I have it. I figured I did. What scared me was the thought that there was something out there that I'd missed.

    Thanks for helping me out.


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