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    is the red clone trooper #6 still shipping?

    this is the only figure i have not yet found. i see the white trooper often, but never a red version. is it currently shipping or should i go ahead and buy one on ebay?
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    Re: is the red clone trooper #6 still shipping?

    Same here, I've been to every Target, KB, K-Mart and TRU in my area.. and no luck. I just want one to open, but can't seem to track one down.

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    Re: is the red clone trooper #6 still shipping?

    At Wal-Mart we have been getting quite a few cases of figures in with a lot of the #6, but only in white. We have been getting asortments of older and newer figures. Not sure if this is the case at other Wal-Mart stores.
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    Re: is the red clone trooper #6 still shipping?

    I have not seen the red Shock Trooper for a long time now. Got a couple then never saw him again. Lucky to find what I did. The only figure I had to resort to eBay was the black Clone Pilot. I simply did not see him ever on the pegs. I don't know why Hasbro doesn't ship these two variants instead of the regular ones that are becoming peg warmers.

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    Re: is the red clone trooper #6 still shipping?

    Interesting. Around here, the black clone pilot is the easiest one to find. I've seen them several times, often 2-3 on the pegs. The Sith eyes Anakin seems to be the rarest of them all (found one once, which I bought), although the shocktroopers are extremely difficult to come by here, too. I found two of them on one occasion and bought one, but that was it. Granted, the fact that these are army builders and shipping one per case (and in only one assortment) is what's creating that shortage.

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    Re: is the red clone trooper #6 still shipping?

    I found many of these at one Wal Mart. Other stores are bone dry. The problem is due to DISTRIBUTION! Once again, Hasbro/these stores don't know how to distribute these figures. I have NEVER seen a black pilot on the pegs. I have NEVER seen Tarkin, Meena, or Ask Aak either. PM me if you need a shock trooper, and maybe we can work something out.

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    Re: is the red clone trooper #6 still shipping?

    I saw one at a store here in the Portland area (Fred Meyer) just today, so they're still out there. I don't know if it's old stock that's still floating around or not, but I'd say it's better to hold off from eBay for now.

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    Re: is the red clone trooper #6 still shipping?

    Found two today as a matter of fact, they are shipping to Canadian Tire here & it looks like they are two per case. Wal-Mart here is getting exactly what you said bobafrett nothing but #6 / 41 white & old case assortments.

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    Re: is the red clone trooper #6 still shipping?

    I still have not seen a single Shock Trooper in the Boston area.

    Hasblow screws up distribution would think they would get the picture with army builders. Why wouldn't they pack these six to a case and sell out the cases and keep the pegs empty so stores re-order faster?

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    Re: is the red clone trooper #6 still shipping?

    i have only seen them once and that was at kay bee. the frustrating thing is that the case in which this ships in often has a regular white #6 and not a red one.

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