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    Battle Packs: Love them or Hate them ?

    I gues the question is what do you think of the battlepack idea. If you think about it, Hasbro is listening to us in a way. After all how many of us have asked for more troops for those of us that are army builders ? How many thought the idea of a "Bucket O' Clones" would be cool ?

    True, the figures themselves have been for the most part either kitbashed jobs ie the Anakin and mace from the Jedi vs Seperatists set, or rereleases like the Rebellion vs Empire, or Battle of Hoth, or repaints like the Coruscant Assualt set, but for the most part they have been decent sets to get and give us the chance of army building and customizing.

    And now with the rumored sets arriving in '06 hopefully Hasbro will continue to listen to us and give us some good sets as well as army builders too.
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    Re: Battle Packs: Love them or Hate them ?

    I don't think much of them, at least not enough to buy any.

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    Re: Battle Packs: Love them or Hate them ?

    I really only liked the Jedi Temple assault one. I got the Throne room one from Jedi Drew and that kinda helped round out my ROTJ scene... *shrug*

    The rest stink.
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    Re: Battle Packs: Love them or Hate them ?

    I've only bought the Temple one so far...

    I really don't like the idea that Hasbro doing well on these since they're mostly repaints or straight repacks. I don't want them getting away from resculpting whenever they put out redo's. It'd be better if they actually used some decent figures for the characters they chose. Like the Anakin in the Jedi v Seperatist set. That thing was a piece of crap 3 years ago, and even more so now.

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    Re: Battle Packs: Love them or Hate them ?

    Bought Them All So Far. I Do Want To Army Build So They Have Been Good For That. But I Really Do Not Need The Core Figures Again.

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    Re: Battle Packs: Love them or Hate them ?

    Great idea, poor execution as the best ones are exclusives and I'm pretty flipping tired of Target having so many good exclusives. Granted, I was actually able to find K-Mart's exclusive Jedi Temple Assault but they only wanted $30! I'll just wait to get 5-6 carded 501st for that price.

    The only set I'm interested in besides the Clone sets is the Clone Wars set, because I already have the figures in the other sets. Head swaps aren't enough to warrant buying those figures again since the rest of the bodies still suck, like Mace Windu.

    You know, fine if they want to use these Battle Packs as ways to get the older/main figures out to new collectors but anymore it's just an excuse because they release most of those same figures elsewhere as well!
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    Re: Battle Packs: Love them or Hate them ?

    Quote Originally Posted by LTBasker
    Great idea, poor execution
    Yes, this is the perfect answer to this question. I only bought the store exclusives from Target, K-Mart and TRU and the TRU Hoth set was a stretch for me. All the others are crap.
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    Re: Battle Packs: Love them or Hate them ?

    Well, I bought them all....mostly because I am crazy.

    The exclusives were really the only ones worth paying for, but the problem with those is that several stores over charged for them. I guess Target didn't need to over charge for the Coruscant Attack set, since they have gotten like four $12.99 "exclusive" figures.

    What we really need are pure "Army Builder" Battle Packs with good figures. A pack of 5 CT style (or VOTC style) Stormtroopers or a 5 pack of Sandtroopers (clean "Evolutions" style) or better yet a true Army Builder set with 1-Stormtrooper, 1-Sandtrooper, 1-Snowtrooper, 1-Scout Trooper and 1-Imperial Officer.

    Something like that would be fantastic and would justify the $20.00 price tag.

    Out of all the Battle Packs, the only ones I bought extras of were the JTA, which I found for $24.99 or less and the Coruscant Attack, for which I paid $19.99 each.

    I like the TRU Hoth set, but I had multiples of every figure from the set, except for Veers....I only had one of him. I really like the way the set looks in the package.
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    Re: Battle Packs: Love them or Hate them ?

    I don't like them and haven't bought any. I passed on the SAGA/OTC ones too. I especially hate it when toy makers include one new figure with a bunch of repacks. I ain't buying.
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    Re: Battle Packs: Love them or Hate them ?

    I like some, others i dont care for. Im really only after ones that have a couple of army builders. If its a set full of core characters im passing on it. The sets could be a lot better, but they all arent terrible as is.
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