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    Cool Metro Detroit Finds

    New Forums, new Thread!

    Well, I may be slow, but I found the Ketwol wave (Ketwol, Sabe, Duros, Bespin Guard) at the TRU in Pontiac, and also at the Meijer by Great Lakes Crossing. I found these last night, and both stores had a bunch of all 4 of the figures, so hurry if you still need them! I suggest Meijer's, since they were 5.99 and TRU was 6.99 each.

    Has anybody seen the B-wing at any Targets in the Metro Detroit Area?

    And I never found Aurra Sing anywhere, are they still shipping her?
    Grand Moff DC, in charge of stuff

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    Target on 14 mile on John R. had about 3 b-wings sitting on the shelf at about 11am today. I've Seen the b-wings all over the metro area since they came out.

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    Thanks! I just bought a pretty beat up one (because I wanted it so bad) at the Target by Lakeside mall (M-59 and Schoennherr). Maybe I'll look for a better package.
    Grand Moff DC, in charge of stuff

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    Yesterday (Labor Day) I found an Aurra Sing and a Dagobah Vader (didn't expect that!) at Wal-Mart on 12 and Van Dyke in Warren, MI. There were 2 more Dagobah Vaders, so hurry if you want one!
    Grand Moff DC, in charge of stuff

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    Thumbs up Still need a B-Wing in Detroit???

    If your still looking for a B-Wing in the Detroit Metro area, the Target at Summit Place Mall in Pontiac had 9 on the shelves at 5PM today. No new figures, but plenty of B-Wings.........3 have been there for the past two weeks.

    Good luck!

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    Thumbs up New POTJ Vader, Luke HAn at K-Mart!!

    Just picked up the new POTJ Wave at the Waterford SuperK......Vader, Luke X-Wing, and Han Solo. Start Checking those K-Marts along with the Targets!!!

    Good luck!!

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    I found something strange at a local Wal-Mart, 12 Mile and Van Dyke... They have all the POTJ, even the Ketwol wave, priced at $4!! I don't know why, I scanned a Bespin Guard, Ketwol, and Sabe tagged at 6.77 and it came up $4.00 each! So if you want doubles or whatever, head on over. I don't know if this is at all Wal-Marts or not, if somebody knows, let us all know!
    Grand Moff DC, in charge of stuff

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