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    Upcoming Terminator 4" figure 2-packs

    Palisades toys have just added a terminator section to their site. Nice range of four inch scale figure 2-packs. While not having the same level of detail other larger lines have had these are still decent figures looking at the initial pictures shown. And it's a nice way to army build.

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    Re: Upcoming Terminator 4" figure 2-packs

    Some nice pics over there, the resistance fighter looks like a good possible candidate for a custom for a S.W. figure. Might be worth picking these up, will have to wait & see them in person.

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    Re: Upcoming Terminator 4" figure 2-packs

    No pics under "packaging" but I suspect these will be similar to the "Army of Darkness" packaging. Nice pics. I just hope the finished product looks as good.

    Thanks for the link Jargo.
    May the force be with you.

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    rumours abound that Palisades toys is folding as a company. so these figures seeing the light of day looks unlikely. which is a crying shame if yet another really good toy comapny goes under. but that seems to be the way of the now. small is crushed while large falters. However. I'll continue to support palisades as long as they're in business. Rather they get my money than a huge stomping machine like Hasbro.

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    Reminds me of what Jerry of Sota Toys said on the movie-maniacs message board regarding the present state of toy companies.

    I don't follow Palisades, but did their Sesame Street toys ever do anything or were those even released? Just curious.
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    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
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    shed a tear. raise a glass. feel sad.

    I believe every effort was made to get the sesame street figures produced. or at least series one. these may not reach retail though. It's possible some may reach the secondary market I suppose. straight from china. The assets of Palisades have gone to a company I never heard of who will produce factory ZX prop replicas and some of the Palisades toys products. it's a kind of merger. some of the Palisades staff now work for this company, and what assets of palisades were taken on will be shown at the upcoming Toyfair in NYC.

    So all is not lost, it's just a different company producing stuff.

    I'm really going to miss Palisades. I've bought a lot of their products, spent a lot of time on the forums, even got my name on the back of a muppets figure packaging in the special thanks. And there's so little out there that i want to buy now, other companies just don't do it for me the way Palisades did. Rest in peace Palisades. Gone but not forgotten. *sniff*

    And this new company better get jiggy with the sesame street line. There's no way i can live without those badass toys.

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