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    Star Wars Revelations

    Anybody else see this? What did u think?

    I really was impressed with it. It isn't bad. The acting isn't top-notch but the special effects are pretty decent.

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    Re: Star Wars Revelations

    Where? What? Link?

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    Re: Star Wars Revelations

    It's a fan-made film that is supposed to take place between Ep3 and Ep4, I think.

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    Re: Star Wars Revelations

    I watched it and must say that I respect all the work that clearly went into it it looks great. The story and acting weren't terrible, but ultimately, it didn't hold my attention very well.These guys deserve props for their work anyway.
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    Re: Star Wars Revelations

    I thought it was good. Not that great when compared to the real SW movies, but still good, especially for a non-profit fan-based group.

    I liked it enough that I burned the DVD images (2 discs, both available on the site) to some DVD+Rs (inkjet printable surface ones), printed the discs on my printer (available on the site), and customized the available DVD case cover. The modification I did, for those that are curious, was to change the case edge to resemble the Prequel Trilogy one ("StarWars" and the title in gold lettering; spaced the same as the PTs as well). It sits in my SW DVD collection right between EP3 and EP4, since that is when it takes place.

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