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  • Yes, I bought 1 copy

    246 77.36%
  • Yes, multiple copies for the promos

    38 11.95%
  • Waiting to receive as a gift

    16 5.03%
  • No, holding off for 6-movie boxed set

    13 4.09%
  • No, I don't want it

    5 1.57%
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    Re: Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    I finally watched it last night, and for the moment my son is watching it again this evening, which is making it hard for me to focus on writing this, or reading the forums.
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    Re: Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    Quote Originally Posted by Deoxyribonucleic
    yes from walmart and I'm having trouble with the second disk. I already took it back once and the new one is acting the same way, it won't play and it's all pixelated bad!

    It's not the disk...the acting is just bad anyway.

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    Re: Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    I bought my copy at Target a week ago. I liked the price and the coin wasn't exactly the grabber, but the fact that you got something besides a crappy commerative set was fine by me.
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    I ended up buying it at midnight from Wal-Mart the day itr was released as it was on my way home from work. Also grabbed a few 3 packs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid
    It's not the disk...the acting is just bad anyway.
    I just saw this today...Hilarious!
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    Actually I didn't have to buy mine. Found it in a shopping cart out side out Walmart.
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