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  • Yes, I bought 1 copy

    246 77.36%
  • Yes, multiple copies for the promos

    38 11.95%
  • Waiting to receive as a gift

    16 5.03%
  • No, holding off for 6-movie boxed set

    13 4.09%
  • No, I don't want it

    5 1.57%
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    Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    It's the first week since the movie was released. The circle is now complete, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith has now been released on home video. All six episodes in the Star Wars Saga are now available for private showings in your very own home theatre. These first few days have seen interesting promotions and giveaways tied into the DVD's release, and some fans going as far as buying several copies at multiple retailers to take full advantage of these promos. Other fans however are holding off to buy Ep III, hoping to receive it as a gift, or waiting for a definitive 6-movie boxed set or something else on the horizon.

    So, did you buy the Revenge of the Sith DVD, and if so, did you buy more than 1 copy?

    thanks to Ji'dai for the poll.

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    Re: Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    Due to my current finacial sitituation, I was only able to get one copy. I would have liked to get the full screen version, and believe it or not, I have yet to sit down and watch the movie (on DVD). I have checked out some of the extras, and the bonus Wal-Mart DVD, but not the film.
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    Re: Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    I bought the Widescreen version at Wal-Mart with the bonus DVD at 4 a.m. the day it was released!
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    Re: Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    Bought the widescreen edition at WM (because of the disappointing extra disc) and have watched the movie three times since. I'm still working on all the extras, though.
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    Re: Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    Is this a trick question?
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    Re: Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    Do bears **** in the woods? In fact I just got done watching the whole bonus disc. Pretty cool stuff.
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    Re: Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    Dang it, I knew I forgot something when I rushed to the store to pick up the new Santana CD.

    I got one, at WM for the extra disc, and have not watched the full film (although I did cheat and watch the entire "Order 66" sequence). I am not going to watch it for a month, when the saga will really be complete, and I can watch all fifteen hours (approximately) at once.

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    Re: Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    I voted waiting to receive as a gift as it's the closet answer. I didn't buy it a) because I have a bootleg copy and b) because I wanted BFII above the DVD. I'll probably get it next week or something.
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    Re: Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    Bought it the moment the store opened the day it was released, watched it with my son the next day.

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    Re: Did You Buy the Episode III DVD Yet?

    yes from walmart and I'm having trouble with the second disk. I already took it back once and the new one is acting the same way, it won't play and it's all pixelated bad!

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