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    GREAT deal on 12" exclusives!!!

    i'm posting this here as well as the POTF2 thread,don't think many people go there.......but at ollie's bargain store today,i found 12" luke with tauntaun,han with tauntaun,and speeder bike with scout for 15 bucks each! i'm out of the 12" loop,but for that price,you can't go wrong!

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    Re: GREAT deal on 12" exclusives!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by mikey1974
    at ollie's bargain store today
    What, and where is this located?!?!?!
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    Re: GREAT deal on 12" exclusives!!!

    i don't know how many or where theses stores are specifically other than my hometown,hazleton,pennsylvania.....i was mistaken on one of the items was my father who was calling me to tell me they had these and i told him to pick them up,but it's not the speeder with scout trooper,it's luke with the speeder....but han and luke are the tauntaun versions......i think ollies has a website,so you can check there......don't know the e-address though..maybe try google....

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    Re: GREAT deal on 12" exclusives!!!

    Would it be this place perhaps?
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    Re: GREAT deal on 12" exclusives!!!

    Thats what I call a "Hellovadeal!" But they dont have any locations around me.
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