Of the several Star Wars sites out there, which one do you enjoy their Question and Answer column the best? Here are the ones I know of and are ranked:

1) "With Every Question for Justice" -- www.yakface.com
2) "Question Mark" -- www.rebelscum.com
3) "Ask Artoo" -- www.artoosnews.com
4) "Hasbro Q&A" -- www.thejawa.com
and of course ...
5) "Just the FAQs" -- www.sirstevesguide.com

Any thoughts on Adam Pawlus at yakface? I enjoy his lively commentary and gives out detailed answers. Mark at rebelscum is very good with definitive explanations. R2 doesn't update enough while Jawa hasn't been on a consistent basis. As for Thrawn, the segments are so brief as to warrant whether or not to even have them.

Any fan Q&A's I'm missing?

Snake Plissken
"A little human compassion"