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    The Saga Collection 2006 List of Toys

    This thread is a "sticky" list only. Posts will be deleted once reccomendations/corrections are made. (It's not a discussion thread in other words)

    (If you have a correction/addition to add to this, remember that I will have to verify this, so please try to have a resource for your info.)

    Any current inaccuracies are purely unintentional and every attempt to correct them will be made.

    Numbering of the figures will occur when confirmation is presented in the form of pictures of the carded figure itself.

    Variations will be listed next to the name of the figure.
    Prices are approximations at the moment. If prices are inaccurate, please notify me by PM so that I can make the change in the list. When the prices are confirmed, the "cost per item" will no longer have "Approximate" in front of it.

    Use this list to gage how much you will be spending in 2006. Updates will be posted in Red and will stay active for a few days. Then the update portion will be deleted.

    Official SAGA List of Toys for 2006 Note that as of 1/5/6 there has been confirmation of several products on the list through a French website. This information will continue to read "Pending Confirmation" until such time as we have an official Hasbro confirmation.
    Basic Figures Approximate cost per figure is $6.
    Wave 1 - Battle of Carkoon
    SAGA-001: Princess Leia (Boushh Disguise)
    SAGA-002: Han Solo (Carbonite)
    SAGA-003: Bib Fortuna
    SAGA-004: Barada (Skiff Guard)
    SAGA-005: Chewbacca (Boussh Prisoner)
    SAGA-006: Boba Fett

    Wave 2 - Battle of Hoth
    SAGA-007: General Veers
    SAGA-008: Major Bren Derlin
    SAGA-009: AT-AT Driver
    SAGA-010: R2-D2
    SAGA-011: Snowtrooper
    SAGA-012: General Rieekan
    SAGA-013: Darth Vader
    SAGA-014: Power Droid (EG-4)

    Wave 3 - Battle of Geonosis
    SAGA-015: Sora Bulq
    SAGA-016: Sun Fac
    SAGA-017: C-3PO
    SAGA-018: Poggle the Lesser
    SAGA-019: Yoda
    SAGA-020: Jango Fett
    SAGA-021: Commander Scorch

    Wave 4 - Battle of Coruscant
    SAGA-022: Firespeeder Pilot
    SAGA-023: Lushros Dofine
    SAGA-024: Commander Cody
    SAGA-025: Anakin Skywalker
    SAGA-026: Utapau Clone Trooper
    SAGA-027: Ki-Adi-Mundi (Hologram)
    SAGA-028: Obi-Wan Kenobi
    SAGA-029: Foul Moudama
    SAGA-030: General Grievous

    Wave 5 - Battle of Tatooine UPDATE
    SAGA-031: Momaw Nadon
    SAGA-031: R5-D4
    SAGA-033: Hem Dazon
    SAGA-034: Garindan
    SAGA-035: Han Solo
    SAGA-036: Luke Skywalker
    SAGA-037: Sandtrooper

    Wave 6 - Battle of Endor
    SAGA-###: C-3PO (Ewok Diety)
    SAGA-###: Chief Chirpa
    SAGA-###: Darth Vader (Pending Confirmation) UPDATE
    SAGA-###: Death Star Gunner
    SAGA-###: Emperor Palpatine
    SAGA-###: Luke Skywalker (Speeder Bike Gear) (Pending Confirmation) UPDATE
    SAGA-###: Moff Jerjerrod
    SAGA-###: Rebel Endor Soldier (Pending Confirmation) UPDATE

    Wave 7 - Battle of Naboo (Pending Confirmation) Note that there has been confirmation from a French website.
    SAGA-###: Darth Maul (Hologram)
    SAGA-###: Gragra
    SAGA-###: Naboo Soldier
    SAGA-###: Obi-Wan Kenobi
    SAGA-###: Pod Racer Pilots (2-pack)
    SAGA-###: Rep Been

    Wave 8 - Battle of Yavin (Pending Confirmation)
    SAGA-###: Death Star Trooper
    SAGA-###: Han Solo
    SAGA-###: Luke Skywalker
    SAGA-###: Rebel Sentry
    SAGA-###: X-Wing Pilot

    VTSC Figures (Vintage The Saga Collection-similar to VOTC.)
    Approximate cost per figure is $10.
    Biker Scout
    Han Solo (Trench Coat)
    Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
    Sand People

    Astromech Droids - Set 1 (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) Approximate cost per set is $40.
    Astromech Droids - Set 2 (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) Approximate cost per set is $40.
    General Grievous Demise (Target exclusive) Approximate cost per figure is $13.
    George Lucas (Stormtrooper) "mail-in offer" Cost unknown at this time.
    Separation of the Twins: Leia Organa with Bail Organa Approximate cost per figure is $5.
    Separation of the Twins: Luke Skywalker with Obi-Wan Kenobi Approximate cost per figure is $5.
    Kir Kanos (EE exclusive) (Pending Confirmation) Approximate cost per figure is $13.
    Padmé Amidala - Ilum Outfit (Target exclusive) (Pending Confirmation) Approximate cost per figure is $13.
    Clone Troopers (Convention exclusive) (Pending Confirmation) Approximate cost per figure is $13.

    Battle Packs Approximate cost per set is $20.
    Skirmish in the Senate (Target exclusive)
    "Hunt for General Grievous" Battle Pack (TRU exclusive) Approximate cost $25. UPDATE
    Defense of the Senate (Toys “R” Us exclusive) (Pending Confirmation) Thought to be the ARC trooper set.
    Demise of Boba Fett (Toys “R” Us exclusive) (Pending Confirmation)
    General Windu’s Squadron (Target exclusive) (Pending Confirmation)

    Clone Wars Gunship (Toys “R” Us Exclusive) Approximate cost is $40 retail-$45
    Endor AT-AT (Toys “R” Us Exclusive) Approximate cost is $50.
    Rebel Armored Snowspeeder with Zev Senesca (Toys “R” Us Exclusive) Approximate cost is $30.
    TIE Fighter with larger wings and Pilot (Target exclusive) Approximate cost is $40.
    Mace Windu's ROTS style Jedi Starfighter UPDATE CONFIRMED

    Unleashed Battle Packs Approximate cost per set is $10.
    Commanders (Obi-Wan, Commander Cody, General Grievous, Bodyguard)
    Clone Trooper Attack Battalion
    Battle Droids
    Utapaun Warriors
    Aayla Secura’s Star Corps (Clones)
    Kashyyyk Attack (Yoda, Tarfful, Chewbacca, Aayla)
    Yoda’s Elite Corp (Commander Gree and BARC Troopers)
    Wookiee Warriors
    Hoth Rebel Soldiers
    Han Solo & Tauntaun, Chewie
    Snow Troopers
    Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia, C-3PO (Pending Confirmation)
    Rebel Soldier, Probe Droid, Snowspeeder (Pending Confirmation)
    Luke Skywalker & Wampa, R2-D2 (Pending Confirmation)
    Master Jedi pack (Pending Confirmation)
    New Empire pack (Pending Confirmation)
    Anakin 501st pack (Pending Confirmation)
    Shocktrooper pack (Pending Confirmation)
    Snowspeeder Assault PLAYSET-includes Snowspeeder and Luke
    Hoth Battle Pack PLAYSET-includes Rebel Gunner, Rebel Trooper, Turret, "radar dish" cannon.

    Unleashed (Standard size statuettes) UPDATE Wal*Mart Exclusives
    Han as Stormtrooper
    Chewbacca (ROTS)

    AttackTix Booster Packs
    Series 3 - ANH
    Series 4 - ROTJ

    AttackTix Starter Set
    Series 3 - ANH
    Series 4 - ROTJ

    AttackTix Battle Case
    Series 3 - ANH

    AttackTix Battle Masters
    Jabba the Hutt

    Galactic Heroes Approximate cost per set is $8.
    Luke Skywalker and Han Solo Hoth
    Luke Skywalker with Speeder Bike
    Scout Trooper with Speeder Bike
    Sandtrooper & Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Emperor with red Shocktrooper
    Geonosis 2-Pack (Pending Confirmation)
    Coruscant 2-Pack (Pending Confirmation)
    Chewbacca & C-3PO (Pending Confirmation)
    Clone Trooper & Battle Droid (Pending Confirmation)
    Darth Maul & Obi-Wan Kenobi (Pending Confirmation)
    Darth Vader & Leia Organa (Bespin) (Pending Confirmation)
    Greedo & Han Solo (Pending Confirmation)
    Luke Skywalker & Han Solo (Stormtrooper disguise-Pending Confirmation)
    Luke Skywalker (Bespin) & Lando Calrissian (Pending Confirmation)
    Snowtrooper & Hoth Rebel Soldier (Pending Confirmation)
    Wedge Antilles & TIE Fighter Pilot (Pending Confirmation)

    Force Battlers Approximate cost per figure is $10.
    Chewbacca (2nd revision)
    Emperor Palpatine
    General Grievous (2nd revision)
    Jango Fett
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (2nd revision-warrior Samurai version)

    Role Play items
    Role Play - Lightsabers-Approx cost is $8
    Character Lightsabers-Approx cost is $19
    Ultimate Lightsaber-Approx cost is $50
    General Grievous Blaster-Approx cost is $20
    Clone Trooper Blaster-Approx cost is $20
    Stormtrooper Blaster-Approx cost is $20
    Darth Vader Voice Changer-Approx cost is $40
    Lightsaber with bonus DVD-Approx cost is $15
    Classic Lightsaber Battle Packs-Approx cost is unknown
    Glow-In-The-Dark Lightsabers-Approx cost is unknown

    Titanium Series - 3” Vehicles Approximate cost per ship is $5.
    Battle-Ravaged Millennium Falcon
    Jedi Starfighter (Anakin’s - Mustafar) Green
    Naboo Royal Crusier
    Wookiee Flyer
    Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter
    Imperial Shuttle
    Clone Turbo Tank
    Republic Attack Cruiser
    Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper
    Titanium Limited White TIE Fighter
    Death Star
    Jango Fett’s Slave 1
    Federation Droid Fighter
    Speeder Bike with Luke Skywalker
    Titanium Limited ROTS Millennium Falcon (Raw Metal)
    Republic Gunship (Clone Wars Deco)
    A-Wing Fighter (New Republic Deco)
    Speeder Bike with Leia Organa
    TIE Interceptor
    Sith Infiltrator
    Millennium Falcon (ROTS Deco)
    Jedi Starfighter (Obi wan's-Blue Deco)
    Relaint VII (Republic Diplomatic cruiser)
    AAT-Armored Assault Tank
    Darth Vader's TIE Fighter (GOLD!)
    B-Wing Fighter (Pending Confirmation)
    Star Destroyer Executor (Pending Confirmation)
    Titanium Limited Jedi Starfighter (Mace Windu) (Pending Confirmation)
    Sandcrawler (Pending Confirmation)

    Titanium Series - Ultra Vehicles Approximate cost per ship is $20.
    Republic Gunship
    ARC-170 Fighter
    Droid Tri-Fighter
    Luke's X-wing
    AT-AT (Pending Confirmation)
    Millennium Falcon (Pending Confirmation)
    Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter (Pending Confirmation)
    Droid Tank (Pending Confirmation)
    Imperial Shuttle (Pending Confirmation)
    Jedi Starfighter (Pending Confirmation)
    Sith Infiltrator (Pending Confirmation)

    Titanium Series - 33⁄4” Forged Figures Approximate cost per figure is $15. Comes in both Color and "Patina" Finshes.
    Boba Fett
    Darth Vader
    Clone Trooper (Tactical Ops)
    IG-88 [b]
    General Grievous (Pending Confirmation)
    Sandtrooper UPDATE CONFIRMED
    C-3PO (Pending Confirmation)

    Star Wars Transformers Approximate cost per figure is $15.
    Darth Vader / TIE Fighter
    General Grievous / Wheel Bike
    Luke Skywalker / X-Wing Fighter
    Obi-Wan Kenobi / Jedi Starfighter
    Han Solo / Millennium Falcon
    Chewbacca / Millennium Falcon
    Boba Fett / Slave 1
    Jango Fett / Slave 1
    Clone Trooper / ARC-170 Fighter
    Darth Maul / Sith Infiltrator
    Emperor Palpatine / Imperial Shuttle
    Anakin Skywalker / Jedi Starfighter (Pending Confirmation)
    Snowtrooper / AT-ST (Pending Confirmation)

    Custom Vehicles - Choppers Approximate cost per figure is $10.
    Boba Fett’s Bounty Chopper
    Darth Vader’s Imperial Chopper
    Luke Skywalker’s Rebel Chopper

    Collectors’ Cases (Target exclusive) Cost unknown
    Remote Contolled R2-Q5 (Japan) Approx cost is $20
    Remote Contolled R4-P17 (Japan) Approx cost is $20
    Wrestling Buddies R2-D2 Approx cost is $15
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