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JMS - According to the case breakdowns at EE, you may have to switch your waves 3 and 4 around.
Changes made.

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I would like to see greater detail about the basic figures, that is, whether the figure is a straight re-release, repaint, kitbash of previously released versions, or if it is a resculpt or otherwise new release.
As I get time, I'll try to do this.

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Some more figure numbers...these are for the Coruscant wave.
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VOTC are now confirmed.
Some additions/changes to Titanium Series listings:
3" Vehicles -
"Tyderium Shuttle" should be "Imperial Shuttle".
add the "AT-AT Walker", and "Republic Gunship (Clone Wars deco)" which is a Titanium Limited.

6" Ultra vehicles-
Snowspeeder and Slave I are confirmed now.
Changes made!

Thanks fellas! Everyone, please keep the changes and corrections coming. We want this to be the most accurate list as possible.