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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Cruel
    JMS - According to the case breakdowns at EE, you may have to switch your waves 3 and 4 around.
    Changes made.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ji'dai
    I would like to see greater detail about the basic figures, that is, whether the figure is a straight re-release, repaint, kitbash of previously released versions, or if it is a resculpt or otherwise new release.
    As I get time, I'll try to do this.

    Quote Originally Posted by General_Grievous
    Some more figure numbers...these are for the Coruscant wave.
    Thanks changes made

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    VOTC are now confirmed.
    Some additions/changes to Titanium Series listings:
    3" Vehicles -
    "Tyderium Shuttle" should be "Imperial Shuttle".
    add the "AT-AT Walker", and "Republic Gunship (Clone Wars deco)" which is a Titanium Limited.

    6" Ultra vehicles-
    Snowspeeder and Slave I are confirmed now.
    Changes made!

    Thanks fellas! Everyone, please keep the changes and corrections coming. We want this to be the most accurate list as possible.

    Move along, move along

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    Quote Originally Posted by posty333
    I don't see the Lucas family set of figures on the list.

    Just to clarify, the EE Droids sets are $75 for both sets, not for each. Also, I don't think they are separated as Imperial and Rebel sets. They are just labeled Astromech Droid Pack Series I and II.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sith Lord 0498
    Change to CONFIRMED Status:

    Titanium 3": Slave 1 (Raw metal Ltd. Edition)
    Transformers: Han Solo/Millennium Falcon
    Transformers: Chewbacca/Millennium Falcon

    George Lucas Stormtrooper - change to reflect "mail-in offer" status

    Clone Wars Republic Gunship (TRU) - change price to $45
    Thanks, corrections made.

    Keep these coming fellas. This list is becoming rather comprehensive and more accurate as time goes by. As usual, if changes need to be made, please have references available for me to check the changes against. We strive to have the most accurate information as possible here at SSG.

    Thanks again,
    Move along, move along

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    Many updates on the list, due to Toyfair 06 coverage.

    Many items have now had the "Pending confirmation" status removed.
    Some new items were added as well. You'll need to go to the first post to see the changes.
    Move along, move along

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sith Lord 0498
    Battle of Tatooine - remove (Pending Confirmation) indicator

    Battle of Endor - remove Pending Confirmation from overall wave...leave PC on following figures: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker (Endor Gear), Endor Rebel Soldier

    Include "The Hunt for General Grievous" as TRU exclusive, remove ARC mention from Defense of the Senate pack

    Remove "Pending Confirmation" from Mace's Jedi Starfighter

    Remove "Pending Confirmation" from Sandtrooper titanium forged figure
    Changes made except the reference for the ARC trooper. Please provide evidence otherwise. Until then it stays, until we have confirmation as to what that battle pack includes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Cruel
    Again, according to EE case breakdowns:

    Tattooine wave

    031 - Momaw Nadon
    032 - R5-D4
    033 - Hem Dazon
    034 - Garindan
    035 - Han Solo
    036 - Luke Skywalker
    037 - Sand Trooper

    Endor Wave
    038 - Darth Vader (Bespin)
    Changes made except the Vader entry. Please provide proof for that change. Thanks fellas. Keep the changes coming so we can keep this list as accurate as possible.

    Please check the Updated type for new/changed listing.
    Move along, move along

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    I only have the same thing on the #38 Vader that I do with the others. It is listed in the case breakdown on EE's website (assortment 5 rev 0 and assortment 5 rev 1). I listed it in the Endor wave only because that is where it is listed above. It is tough to tell which wave it actually belongs to considering that the number falls right between two waves and Hasbro has been shipping figures in early waves (of course this is a reference to the Utapau Clone). The number and Bespin description are both listed in the case assortments.

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    Unhappy Down with Abbreviations!

    VTSC Figures
    Approximate cost per figure is $10.
    Biker Scout
    Han Solo (Trench Coat)
    Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
    Sand People
    What in the Sam Hill is VTSC? I did a Search and can't figure out what it means? Please, especially on a list like this, spell it all out? Not all of us are "in the know." Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid
    What in the Sam Hill is VTSC? I did a Search and can't figure out what it means? Please, especially on a list like this, spell it all out? Not all of us are "in the know." Thank you!
    Vintage The Saga Collection
    "The boy you trained, gone he is...consumed by Darth Vader." - Yoda, Revenge of the Sith

    Yodasnews Review Archive:

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    we all know what vtsc is now! can't wait for my lucas!

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    We're back......
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Here are some updates for your Titaniums section- if we're just sticking to 2006 toys. There are more Titaniums that have been released (and quite a few that have now been re-released) but not all in 2006.

    Feel free to fit the additions into your own format (Any other additions are in bold) :

    Titanium Series - 3Ē Vehicles Approximate cost per ship is $5.


    Millennium Falcon (Standard)
    TIE Fighter (Gray)
    Slave 1 (Boba Fett Deco)
    X-Wing Fighter (Red 5)
    Republic Gunship (Red Deco)
    Slave 1 (2006 UGH Raw Metal)
    TIE Bomber
    Naboo Starfighter
    Clone Swampspeeder (Red Deco)

    Jedi Starfighter (Anakinís - Mustafar) Green
    Battle-Ravaged Millennium Falcon
    Naboo Royal Crusier
    Wookiee Flyer
    Darth Vaderís TIE Fighter
    Imperial Shuttle
    Clone Turbo Tank
    Republic Attack Cruiser
    Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper
    Titanium Limited White TIE Fighter
    Death Star
    Jango Fettís Slave 1
    Federation Droid Fighter
    Speeder Bike with Luke Skywalker
    Republic Gunship (Clone Wars Deco)
    A-Wing Fighter (New Republic Deco)
    Speeder Bike with Leia Organa
    TIE Interceptor
    Sith Infiltrator
    Titanium Limited Millennium Falcon (ROTS Deco)
    Jedi Starfighter (Obi-Wan's - Blue Deco)
    Reliant VII (Republic Diplomatic Cruiser)
    AAT-Armored Assault Tank
    Darth Vader's TIE Fighter (GOLD!)
    Star Destroyer Executor (Pending Confirmation)
    Titanium Limited Jedi Starfighter (Mace Windu) (CONFIRMED- ULTRA TITANIUM INSERT FLYER!)

    Titanium Series - Wal-Mart 5-packs:

    Rebel Pack (Pack 3):

    X-Wing Fighter (Red 5- Yellow Stripe on nose)
    Y-Wing (Red Deco)
    TIE Fighter
    Millennium Falcon (Raw Metal)

    Imperial Pack (Pack 4)

    Darth Vader's TIE Fighter (Battle-Damaged)
    AT-AT (No gray on head)
    Star Destroyer (with "Lights")
    Imperial Shuttle
    Death Star (Raw Metal)

    Titanium Series - Ultra Vehicles Approximate cost per ship is $20.
    Republic Gunship
    ARC-170 Fighter
    Droid Tri-Fighter
    Luke's X-wing
    AT-AT (CONFIRMED- Entertainment Earth pics!)
    Millennium Falcon (CONFIRMED- Entertainment Earth pics!)
    Darth Vaderís TIE Fighter (Pending Confirmation)
    Droid Tank (Pending Confirmation)
    Imperial Shuttle (Pending Confirmation)
    Jedi Starfighter (Pending Confirmation)
    Sith Infiltrator (Pending Confirmation)

    Thanks- keep up the good work!

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