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    I thought a few of the F13 flicks were cool, while others were not. Jason X? I don't know . . . at least it's a different avenue (cyber-Jason?) but what about the next sequel? Ooops, I forgot that continuity doesn't apply there.

    As for "I Will Never Ever Forget What You Did Last Summer and the Summer Before" - let me just say to LTBasker that if you didn't like the first one, you REALLY wouldn't like the second one.
    The only thing part 2 had going for it was Jack Black, IMO.

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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    Plus the last Jason movie was great and I thought it was a great end to an ending, he doesn't need to be resurrected. The Jason movies are legendary (I might be exaggerating but oh well) and just shouldn't be touched.
    Didn't he get his head cut off? If so why and HOW are they going to bring him back AGAIN?
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    Maybe it's Freddy's costume character for Halloween.
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    Originally posted by GNT

    Didn't he get his head cut off? If so why and HOW are they going to bring him back AGAIN?

    Actually, I believe you are thinking of the last Halloween film. Incidentally, there will be a new film from that series released this year.

    As for Jason's fall, he was actually pulled into Hell in the last installment . . . and now the audience is led to believe he somehow escaped, only to be frozen by a young woman and thawed out on a starship centuries later.

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    Jason X

    Through a friend in the movie biz, I just got to see this movie. It is about as good as Leprecaun 4: In Space. Below are spoilers for those who are curious, so be warned.

    It begins in 2010. Apparently Jason has returned from Hell and is captured by the Crystal Lake Institute. Due to his unique DNA, he can't be executed, so the government decides to study him for a profit. He breaks free and kills soldiers by the dozens. He is then cryogenically frozen with the only remaining specialist when he punctures the cryo tube he was tricked to enter. 400 years later, they are discovered on a college field trip with space marines (think Aliens). They are brought back to the main ship and are unfrozen. The specialist is saved and Jason is believed to be dead. He then wakes up and starts killing students. Meanwhile, the College Professor decides to sell Jason to make a profit. They discover the dead bodies and realize that he is alive and they send in the troops. All but one are killed. Jason then kills the pilots and destroys a whole space colony by coliding the ship with the colony. They try to escape on the shuttle, but it colides with the ship and is destroyed by a scared student. Just when it looks like it is all over, the Android student attacks Jason and blows him apart with macine guns and rocket launchers. A breach in the hull caused by the shuttle crash forces them to destroy the various tube junctions before they can be rescued. Meanwhile Jason is revived as a cyborg with the help of nano bots. The Android tries to defeat Jason again but beheads her. They escape and the tubes are destroyed with Jason inside. From the outside of the ship he punctures the hull gets back on board. The remaining marine uses a space suit to open the escape hatch from the outside of the ship while a rescue ship docks. The Android's head creates a hologram of Crystal Lake to trick Jason in order to by time. They escape to the ship and the marine takes on Cyber-Jason. As the rescue ship leaves, the main ship explodes. Out of the explosion comes Cyber-Jason, knife drawn, flying directly at the rescue ship.Before he can reach the ship, the space marine tackles Cyber-Jason and rides him into the atmosphere of Earth 2. They burn up and Jason's remains fall into a camp's local lake. A couple of campers decide to check out the so called "falling star". THE END.
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    Well if that is what Jason X is going to be, the all I have to say is STUPID. Who writes that cr*p. Sounds like a horrible B movie. Not that I was ever really particular to any of the Jason movies in the first place. As for the "I Know" movies. Yeah, they were stupid. People get killed in the stupidest ways. Come on now. People aren't really that naive in real life, so give it up. I do agree with caesar, Jack Black WAS the greatest thing in the movie, although why he chose to do that piece of cr*p I'll never know? The Scream movies were alright. Number one and three were really good and number 2 never should have been made. Jamie Kennedy was the best thing about the series and they kill him off, LAME. As for Scream 4, no way. The ending to number 3 was perfect. Besides I'm getting tired of seeing how Duey barely survies each movie.
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    Ugh, first thing: It's not the stupid DNA that's the problem.

    Young Nasmith: "Is he.. dead?"
    Icabod: "That's the problem, he was dead to begin with."
    The movie sounds so lame, so he just happens to fall into a lake at the end...right. Cyber-Jason? It's not even Jason if it's a frickin Robot. Difference?
    Jason - Dead.
    Cyborg that's working - Alive.

    So this is basically a THING rip off? They discover something frozen, they take it back, it thaws, it wreaks havoc.

    Exactly how does he return from Hell? It's not Spawn we're talkin' about. He died, he came back, he was killed while still dead. Exactly how does someone get revived when they were dead when they were killed?

    I liked the Jason movies, they were pretty cool, this is ludicris and the sad part is that it leaves itself open for a sequel to be made to it so we know there will be one to follow.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
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    Jason X

    The movie begins with Jason chained up in stray-jacket, so you don't know how he got out of hell. They also mentioned how they tried to execute Jason several times by the electric chair, gas chamber, firing squad, and even hanging him. Yes, Cyber-Jason fell into the lake at the end. You see his cyber-hockey mask float to the bottom of the lake charred.

    While the movie as a whole did suck, it did have some neat and funny scenes.

    After unthawing, he kills the student examining him by dipping her head in liquid nitrogen and shattering it.

    Towards the beginning when he is unthawed, Jason enters this Holodeck and kills a marine by decapitation and a student by slicing him in half and they start talking to each about how Jason must a glitch, which leaves Jason in a confused state. They then deactivate the hologram and Jason sees them sitting on the floor with their VR controllers in hand.

    Jason kills the ninja marine by thowing him onto a giant drill bit.
    "What is his conditon!" "He's screwed sir."

    Jason injuring (believing to have killed) the only remaining marine.
    First, by stabbing a metal pole through his chest. "It'll take more than that to kill this old dog." Then, by stabing him with a second pole through the chest. "Yeah, that should do it."

    Student gets sucked through the hole in the hull (think Alien Ressurection).

    The best scene would be the hologram diversion. Two hologram ladies get in their sleping bags and offer to let Cyber-Jason have his way with them. Instead, he picks up the one sleeping bag w/ lady and uses it like a sack of door knobs to beat the other with to death. "He's good." "Yeah, too good. He's already done with the campers."

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    Oh boy you do know with this new Jason X,it opens the door for others,like Freedy,& Chuckey. And the new I know moive will feature a different cast. What would be good for a moive would be Freddy VS Jason.
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    I also heard about another chuckey
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