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    Should I feel bad?

    Just wondering how bad I am for what happened to me at Target today.

    I had picked up the special tac ops figure and the Shadow trooper as well. I was at the checkout line with the figures back to back and the cashier, and elderly woman scanned both of them at the same time and only the price of the 5 dollar figure picked up and she put them both in the bag. I'm sure most of you can see where this is going to go. So I just picked up the bag and walked out after only paying for one of them. Who else would have done the same thing as I did. I figure after all the figures I have bought a freebie hopefully won't send me to hell. Any input?
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    Re: Should I feel bad?

    You should return to the store with the receipt and say that you only got charged for one and pay for it. If you knew about it while it was happening, it is still stealing any way you slice it. You should only feel bad if you don't remedy the problem. This should be a Rancor pit thread because there are other things I would need to say.
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    Re: Should I feel bad?

    You were not duplicitous, you didn't hide it in a laundry basket you were buying or something stupid like that, the employee is the one who made the mistake and therefore you didn't steal anything. Should you feel bad that you didn't help her do her job right? Yeah, probably, but you aren't obligated to. If you take the cashier angle out of the discussion, if they had sent you this in the mail without charging you, by law it is their problem and not yours, so the morality IMO is purely about that elderly cashier making a mistake - which I might add there's virtually no chance she'll even know about or get in trouble for since they don't KNOW she is the one that caused this item's shrinkage.
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    Re: Should I feel bad?

    I agree with what JT said . . . if people don't care enough to do their job well, it's not your responsibility to do it for them.

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    Re: Should I feel bad?

    Pointing out this error will make the old biddy feel bad, so I say don't do it.

    Really though, if you're even considering paying for it, then you should do it.
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    i would probably point out to the cashier that they missed an item as i was checking out. i have no problems playing dumb when items don't scan and the cashier gives them a price under retail (half the time you can't be sure what an item costs anyway with the poor shelf tagging). i figure if they're too lazy to have someone check it and the store doesn't care enough to make sure it's merchandise is in it's computer system, it's not my problem. i never really shop at busy times, so a cashier needing to wait on a price check won't back up the check out lines.

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    Re: Should I feel bad?

    What seems funny to me is I would bet anyone of us in the same situation would have been more quick to point out the mistake if the price wasn't so outrageous in the first place. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not trying to justify doing the wrong thing. I'm just observing how Target has bred a sense of disenchantment among the customers by being so greedy.

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    Re: Should I feel bad?

    don't do anything. it's done now. Stores constantly make mistakes and one figure is a drop in the ocean for them. You really want to trek all the way back and have to try and explain what happened without looking like a dweeb? I mean large chain store constantly lose money due to stupid staff right up to management level. How many times do we hear about stores having cases and cases of figures out back that they forget about only to end up shoving them out at clearance prices.
    I wouldn't feel bad at all.

    Course, if you yourself have a problem with manic guilt tripping then return and pay for it. will you be able to sleep tonight without going back to cough up the difference? if the answer is yes then leave it as it stands.

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    Re: Should I feel bad?

    I'm with JT and Jargo. Customer service would probably come in and think you are nuts to begin with. Its the cashiers fault and stores normally have a built in loss factor anyways.
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    Re: Should I feel bad?

    sorry, but I would have said something at the counter right when it was is the right thing to do!
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