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    Red face Snore...

    I seem to remember there was a thread on this in the Ol' Forums. Goin' prospectin' again... and here it is!

    Most of the SW dreams I have involve finding Vintage figures on POTF2-like cards. Weirdly, the stores are often outdoors.

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    Cool My Dreams

    I had a dream about going into a toy store and finding a new line of Action Fleet vehicles . Among them was the Hound's Tooth . It weighed 318 pounds . I bought it but I don't know how I carried it out of the store. I had another dream about owning a twin pod cloud sofa . It was so cool looking . In the dream , I got mad at my little cousin for sitting on it so I threw her across the room . These dreams are so weird . I don't know why I dream them , but I'm glad I do .
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    A recurring dream I have involves me going into a store (usually Target) in search of new figures. I get to the SW aisle and there is every new figure currently out, (my brain actually updates these to what is just released and future releases), plus some figures no ones ever heard of. I excitedly scoop up all the new stuff and head to the checkout, when I'm accosted by store security. They claim they have me on video tape stealing merchandise from their store. I loudly protest my innocence, to no avail, as they show me the tape I can clearly see it is someone who looks like they could be my twin. I break free of the security guards and bolt out of the store. The dream always ends with the police chasing me quite a distance to home on foot across the Arkansas River bridge.

    I don't know why I would have a dream like this, I've never shoplifted. I guess it's my subconscience's worst nightmare to find all the new SW stuff and not be able to get it.

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    Yes! I am no longer afraid, for I am assured that I am not the only one!
    Yeah, I had a bunch of dreams about finding cool figures that did or didn't exsit in real life (like more Ewoks) in Goodwill type stores. The I woke up and was ****ed as hell.

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    Thumbs up

    A very looooong time ago, i was dreaming that i was facing Darth Vader, somehow Luke Skywalker got in the dream and started fighting Vader, while i was just standing there.

    Thats the only dream i remember of SW.
    As always...........L

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    Thumbs up me too!

    I have dreams like that all the time. I have dreams that I find all this hard to find stuff at a store. When I wake up I am depressed and usually run out to go shopping, because I feel that there will be something neat there. Haven't found anything yet.
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