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    Star Wars Dreams

    I had the strangest dream last night. I went into a KB and found, along with stuff like the "Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon/Wicket Cinema Scene," a 12" Jabba the Hutt w/ Sail Barge exclusive. For some reason, Jabba was a beanie and quite hairy.

    As you can imagine, this set was quite large. It was packed in a window box that was about eight feet high and about fifteen feet long. And it retailed for only $80! There were quite a few, so I passed on buying it. For, you see, in this dream, I was somehow (as was the KB and the mall it was in) on Air Force One trying to help Charlton Heston defeat those "[darn] dirty apes." (I try not to figure out the logic behind these dreams; I just resolve not to eat pizza immediately before bedtime again.)

    Okay, you're all thinking I'm a weirdo, I know. (And I agree. ) However, I can't be the only person so obsessed with Star Wars that it figures into my dreams occasionally. Anyone else willing to share their dreams?
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    The other night I had a dream that I walked into the men's room at my workplace and there was George Lucas, along with some helper, trying to figure if he should make Jar Jar the main character of the next two films. He asked me what I thought, and I said "Do whatever you feel is right George."
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    I remember having a dream a while ago where I went into a TRU and everything in there was nothing but Star Wars stuff. They even had stuff I wouldn't ever think they ever made or ever will make. The interesting part is is that everything was a buck each.

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    Last one I can remember was a while ago, I walked into Wal-mart and the toy department was conveniently located instead of half-way across the room, and there on the pegs was one solitary R2-D2 w/ Holographic Leia. I remember feeling SOOOO relieved about FINALLY finding this figure, and then I woke up and I still felt that relief... till I thought about it and realized I really didn't get it. That was such a downer.
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    I had a dream where I was jogging and I looked to my left and there was a guy keeping pace with me about 50 yards away and it gave me this eerie feeling so I started running faster, but he kept pace. Pretty soon I was running faster than any human has any business running, when all the sudden the "feeling" I had said the guy was going to shoot at me with a blaster, and I wheeled around and produced a lightsaber and blocked about 20 blaster shots in like 7 seconds, then I flipped way up in the air and landed next to him. I think I took him out (that part of the dream was hazy) but I remember waking up and having this rush of adrenaline from using the force to deflect all those shots. I know it was a dream, but I still "remember" doing it. It was (and still is) an awesome feeling.

    And I have dreams about finding obscure Star Wars Toys all the time. It sucks to wake up from those.
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    Every once and a while I get dreams like that. Once and a while it will be a dream where you go to a store and find everything you have been looking for. At other times, well, it's cool being a Jedi. Dreams are cool.
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    I had this dream where I was at a friend's family reunion and these two high school cousins of his took me up to their room and started doing kinky things to each other and begging me to join in. No Star Wars, but it was still a great dream. : )

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    I remember while I was in Bosnia (back in early 97) having a dream about coming back to the US and going Star Wars shopping. I walked into the KB toys from my hometown and saw boxes and boxes of AT-AT's. I was overjoyed that Hasbro/Kenner had decided to finally make this toy. Then I woke up and realized to my sadness it was a dream and no plans for the AT-AT existed. The next day I picked up a new Toyfare at the PX and lo and behold there it was, an AT-AT in their upcoming toys section. Precognition? The Force? Coincidence? You decide.
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    I once had a dream that my grandfather owned a store with Star Wars things in it. I saw an Action Fleet B-Wing fighter and picked it up but some thug came over and grabbed it away from me. I asked my grandfather if I could have it back but he said no. Then I got home and my little sister had just gotten home from school. She had two Action Fleet vehicles, a Tie Fighter and a B-Wing. I asked her if I could have the B-Wing but she said no and gave me the Tie Fighter even though I already had one.And another dream I had was about my grandmother, my cousin(who is also a fellow collector), and myself were setting around a campfire. She gave my cousin and I two Action Fleet vehicles and we danced around. But for some reason they were not made by Galoob. Then for some reason my grandmother told us to go to church. Oh and by the way if you haven't guessed yet... I LOVE ACTION FLEET VEHICLES!!! I had other dreams about Star Wars but I do not want to be writing all day.
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    I had a dream the other night where I was about to fight Darth Bane.I remebered that we had our lightsabers ready and we about to strike and I woke up.It was time to go to work.At that time I would rather have fought with DarthBane[I think]. I guess I should hold off reading Star Wars Gamer and Insider before I go to bed.


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