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    Last 12 Rots Figures

    Just Was Wondering What Final 12 Figures Are Out And If You Have Found Them. I Have Seen And Bought Gree,bly,wookiee Warrior And Nemoidian Commander.

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    Re: Last 12 Rots Figures

    They are all out. I've seen them all. (Just dont' own them all yet.)

    In my neck of the woods, the holo Jedi and the blue spec ops troopers are the hardest to find. Everything else is relatively easy to find now.
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    Re: Last 12 Rots Figures

    I've seen up to around 64-65....but here's the thing. I saw a Wookie Commando or whatever it is, and it was numbered 64 and then saw the astro droid also numbered 64......something went askew when making the packaging for them.
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    Re: Last 12 Rots Figures

    I've seen and own #57-63. Relatively easy to find in Targets around here. The hardest one to find out of those is the White Magna Guard. He's even rarer than Bly or Gree. The rest of them should show up soon, though.
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    Re: Last 12 Rots Figures

    I haven't seen, (only want Cat Miin)

    501st Trooper
    Cat Miin
    Aayla Secura Hologram
    Plo Koon Hologram

    I've gotten,


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    Re: Last 12 Rots Figures

    I've seen and bought all 12. The first seven are far more readily available, though.
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    Re: Last 12 Rots Figures

    I've seen and bought all 12...the last eight all in one morning (7 at a WM, one at a Target). I've seen all of them multiple times except for the Tac Ops Trooper and the Holo Jedi.
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    Re: Last 12 Rots Figures

    Only target seems to be getting the final 5 around here. Saw the wookie and droid only. Wal mart has like a gazillion nemo's and vaders they'll prolly never move.

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    Re: Last 12 Rots Figures

    Saw, payed for and own all of the final 12 figures, minus variations if there are any.
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    Re: Last 12 Rots Figures

    I've only seen the first 7 of the last 12. I bought 'em but I'm now waiting for the final 5 of the final 12. My area usually gets figures late so I'll wait.
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