Last Friday, Sideshow Collectibles made available for preorder their first 12" Star Wars figure, Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi. This 12" Luke has a top-notch likeness, screen-accurate outfit and accessories, and several swappable hands.

Expected to ship around January, Sideshow initially offered their Sideshow Exclusive version of the figure which came with an extra accessory, the skiff guard's blaster, and was limited to 1,250 pieces -- preorders for the exclusive version were filled within a scant few hours. Once those preorder were filled, Sideshow switched to taking preorders for the regular version, which will also be sold at other retailers when it's released.

It doesn't ship for 2 months or so but some collectors have even preordered both the exclusive and regular versions already without actually seeing the set in person. Other collectors are upset that the Sideshow Exclusive version came and went far too quickly, and are talking about holding out. Some collectors are betting the regular version will be available cheaper at other retailers and are holding out till it hits shelves. So this poll asks fans whether or not they've preordered this turning point in 12" Star Wars collecting.