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    Titanium Wave 4 questions...

    I know they're out and offered- the Wookie Flyer, Royal Starship, Battle-Scarred Falcon and Alternate Color Jedi Starfighter, but I have a few questions:

    1. Hasbro said they are changing the release date until later. Has anyone else noticed that the packaging showing up on the new wave (i.e. Jango's Slave I, etc.) is different from the packaging the way it is now? Does this mean Wave 4 will be packaged differently?

    2. Why is Hasbro delaying this wave- esp. if it's supposed to be the LAST Wal-Mart exclusive wave (though Hasbro says they'll be out later)

    I got a Wookie Flyer for $5.00 on Ebay- is it worth my time tracking down the other 3 ya think?

    Thoughts? Opinions?

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    Re: Titanium Wave 4 questions...

    I have been actively hunting for these & the two Ultra Titaniums at five different WM in my area (SW Michigan/NW Indiana) and none have shown up on their shelves yet. The latest Titanium that I have been able to buy at my WM's was the 5-pack Tie-Bomber gift set.
    I thought that maybe they were holding back putting them out to coincide with the ROTS DVD release but still nothing.


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    Re: Titanium Wave 4 questions...

    I don't know- I have never seen them in person, either, but I have only 1 Wal-Mart within 140 mile radius (next closest one is in Billings 140 miles away- unless there's one in Butte but that 87 miles and a pass to consider)...

    Guy from Canada that I won the Wookie Flyer from is trying to charge me $10 shipping, meaning it'll cost me $15 for the Wookie Flyer. I can get all 4 for $65 shipped- may as well have bought them all that way...

    Dude needs to charge me like $6 or so to ship- not $10!

    Argh. I can't win.

    Speaking of which - where is KidHuman? Anyone hear from him recently???


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